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HyperPatch is a modified game executable of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun which incorporates several new features and fixes. It is free to distribute and use in other projects, as long as its readme file is included and its creator, CCHyper, is credited. It has been distributed in the CnCNet distribution of the game.

Changes in version 0.2 (22 November 2011)

New features

  • "-NOVQ" argument to disable all VQA video playback in the game.
  • "-NOAUDIO" argument to disable all sound in the game.
  • "-TS" and "-FS" arguments to skip directly to respective main menus, as requested by CNCNet users.
There is a known bug with this where the "Back" button on the menus does not take you to the TS/FS selection menu. This is considered a minor problem, but is being worked on.
  • "-LAN" argument to skip directly to the LAN lobby, as requested by CNCNet users.
  • Added INI Key to SUN.INI to set windowed mode. Under "[Video]", add "Video.Windowed=[boolean]".

Bug fixes

  • Disruptor tank drawing error that resulted in a Internal Error on some computers is fixed, hopefully...
  • Cameo drawn over a factory BuildingType when infiltrated in the incorrect palette has now been fixed.

WW code optimizations

  • Pip SHPs now get loaded only once instead of 6 times...
  • Foundation won't be read twice any longer...


  • New high resolution icon added to the executable, created by Wolen.

Changes in version 0.3

Bug fixes/experimental

  • A human controlled AircraftType that is able to carry passengers would get its target cell corrupted, resulting in the Aircraft never landing. This is now fixed.


  • Internally, HyperPatch 0.3 is marked as version 0.2 in the game's main menu.

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