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The Ichor Hub is a location of great importance to the Scrin. Ichor, or Tiberium, is vital to Scrin life, and requires global-scale harvesting operations across space. The Ichor Hub is where the harvested crystals are sent.

The vast distances of space between harvest sites, such as Earth, and the Hub necessitates the construction of Threshold Towers, massive gateways that instantly transport matter between the harvest site and the hub, and vice versa. Foreman 371 used such a tower to evacuate to the Ichor Hub, and it is believed an invasion force could move from the Hub to Earth in a similar way.

Because the Threshold Towers eject Tiberium to the hub, it is likely safe to assume there is much Tiberium on the hub. What is also known is for an unknown reason, Kane seems to view transport to the hub as acension but for what exact purpose is unknown.

Little else is known about the Ichor Hub, even whether or not it's a natural feature or artificial construct. It may even be the Scrin Homeworld.

There is some evidence that at some point humans (either the GDI or Nod, it's unknown which) attempted to access the Ichor Hub through Threshold 19, it is currently unknown if they were successful. It is also unknown that if they were, what is within the Hub.

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