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Imperial Com Tower
Imperial Com Tower.png
Affiliation Empire of the Rising Sun
Role Provides reinforcements
Reveals fog of war

The Imperial Com Tower was a tech building from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. It only appeared in the Allied mission "The True Shogun's Stand".


During the Allied Commander's mission to quell Imperial commander Takara Sato's insurrection, Crown Prince Tatsu, who has been cooperating with the Allied occupational forces, provided the Allies with reinforcements in the form of four King Oni walkers. However, the Commander needed to capture the Imperial Com Tower using an engineer in order to activate them.


  • The Imperial Com Tower reuses the Long Range Radar's model from the Red Alert 3 mission "Graveyard of a Foolish Fleet".
  • The Imperial Com Tower can be placed in custom Skirmish maps, and reveals a large portion of the fog of war when captured.
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