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Welcome Shogun, this page is a quick summary of the arsenal of the Empire of the Rising Sun during World War III. Click on the relevant links to find out more about the units and structures listed here.


All Imperial infantry are trained from the Instant Dojo.

Name Role
Burst Drone Scout

Suicide Attacker

Imperial Warrior Anti-infantry


Imperial Engineer Support Infantry
Tankbuster Anti-Armor
Shinobi Advanced Anti-Infantry


Rocket Angel Flying Anti Surface

Flying Anti-Air

Archer Maiden Anti-Air Infantry

Anti-Surface Infantry

Yuriko Omega Commando


All Imperial Vehicles can be constructed at the Mecha Bay. Note that some amphibious units can also be constructed at the Imperial Docks.

Name Role Amphibious?
Mecha Tengu: Anti-Infantry Robot

Air Superiority Fighter

Sudden Transport Disguised Infantry Transport Yes
Tsunami Tank Anti-Armor Tank Yes
Striker-VX Anti-Air Robot

Anti-Surface Helicopter

Imperial ore collector Resource Collector Yes
King Oni Advanced Anti-Armor No
Wave-Force Artillery Heavy Artillery

Advanced Anti-Surface

Steel Ronin Anti-Armor Robot No
MCV Construction Vehicle Yes
Nanocore Portable Structure Yes

Naval Units[]

All Imperial naval units are built at the Imperial Docks.

Name Role
Yari Anti-Ship Scout

Suicide Submarine

Sea-Wing Anti-Air Submarine

Anti-Infantry Aircraft

Naginata Cruiser Advanced Anti-Ship Cruiser
Shogun Battleship Heavy Bombardment Ship
Giga Fortress Heavy Bombardment Ship

Advanced Anti-Surface Ship, Super-heavy Bombardment Aircraft


Imperial structures are built from the Construction Yard as Nanocores.

Imperial production facilities needed to be upgraded individually in order to produce more advanced units.

Name Role Water deployable?
Construction Yard Main Base of Operations Yes
Instant Generator Power Structure Yes
Ore Refinery Resource Structure Yes
Instant Dojo Infantry Recruitment Structure No
Mecha Bay Vehicle Assembly Structure No
Imperial Docks Ship Construction Structure Yes
Nanotech Mainframe Technology Structure Yes
Nanoswarm Hive: Support Weapon Yes
Psionic Decimator Superweapon Yes

Base Defences[]

Name Role Water-Deployable?
Fortress Walls Defensive Perimeter No
Defender-VX Anti-Infantry Turret

Anti-Air Turret

Wave-Force Tower Advanced Anti-Surface Turret Yes

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