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The construction yard is the heart of every Imperial base in Red Alert Mobile.

Game building[]

The construction yard can build the following structures:


Cameo Structure
RAM Sprite E Con Yard Construction yard
  • Imperial's primary construction center
  • Can be constructed if previous construction yard was destroyed
RAM Sprite E Instant Generator Instant generator
  • Imperial's power supply
  • Provides +200 power units
RAM Sprite E Refinery Refinery
  • Imperial's resource processor
  • Produces a continuous flow of credits
RAM Sprite E Instant Dojo Instant dojo
  • Imperial's infantry training center
  • Requires a Tesla reactor to be built
RAM Sprite E Mecha Bay Mecha bay
  • Imperial's vehicle production facility
  • Requires a refinery to be built
RAM Sprite E Nanotech Mainframe Nanotech mainframe
  • Imperial's tech access and superweapon
  • Requires an armor facility to be built
RAM Sprite E Airfield Airfield
  • Imperial's aircraft production facility
  • Requires a battle lab to be built


Icon Structure
RAM Sprite E Waveforce Tower Waveforce tower
  • Imperial's anti-surface base defense
  • Requires an instant dojo to be built
RAM Sprite E Defender Defender
  • Imperial's anti-aircraft base defense
  • Requires an instant dojo to be built

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