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RA3 Imperial Docks Icons

Imperial Docks are structures of the Empire of the Rising Sun which built and maintained Imperial naval units. Repair drones stationed here can repair nearby friendly naval units.

Imperial Docks, like almost all Imperial military structures, are deployed from Nanocores. It can only be deployed over water, as not all units produced here are amphibious.

Units built at Imperial Docks included:

Also, to build higher tech units, Imperial Docks include:

  • Docks Upgrade
  • Docks Breakthrough


RA3 Upgrade Icons
Imperial Docks Upgrade Allows the production of the Sea Wing, Tsunami Tank & Naginata Cruiser at the upgraded Imperial Docks.
RA3 Breakthrough Icons
Imperial Docks Breakthrough Allows the production of the Shogun Battleship at the upgraded Imperial Docks.


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