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In the Box is fourth GDI mission in the Firestorm campaign. It takes place in Poland during the Firestorm Conflict.[1]


CABAL’s core is believed to be in this area. Using an engineer, infiltrate and capture the core. Cut off enemy reinforcements by destroying the two bridges that supply this base. Nod is utilizing self-powered laser fencing to protect the core from intruders. Disable this fencing by capturing the appropriate command stations using local civilian technicians. Once inside, neutralize any remaining defense systems guarding the core.


  • First Objective: Destroy the two bridges to stem the flow of reinforcements.
  • Second Objective: Infiltrate and capture CABAL's core.


Tratos's assassination by the hands of Nod forces had jeopardised GDI's research of the Tacitus device. Dr. Gabriella Boudreau in particular blamed General Cortez for the apparent lack of security for Tratos's protection and stated that his death had put GDI research years behind schedule, by which time humans would already be extinct. Already GDI had to quell down uprisings by the Forgotten population against the civilians by peaceful means with the loss of their only leader.

However Bordreau did have another idea, one that Cortez or GDI would not favour under normal circumstances. Bordreau suggested capturing and reactivating Nod's advanced AI, CABAL, reasoning that CABAL assisted with the translating of the Tacitus for Kane. Under the present circumstances Cortez relented and ordered the Firestorm Taskforce commander to capture what was believed to be CABAL's core located in Poland.

Unbeknownst to GDI, CABAL had already been reactivated by Anton Slavik and was the mastermind behind the Genesis Pit event and Tratos' assassination. Also CABAL had already begun his insurrection against the Brotherhood but managed to keep GDI intelligence believing the infighting was another sign of Nod splintering...for now.


Arrived at the theater. GDI construct their base near available Tiberium field. There are no time to spare as Nod began storming GDI position with Tanks, light cavalry, and tunnel attack, not counting infiltration attack. With hard management, GDI succeed in repelling near endless offensive. GDI also expand their harvesting operation in other field, by writing off guarding unit in the area. GDI then began scouting the area with their mechs and airplanes. Peeling of defense layer after layer, they encounter opposing civilian technician who offer help to disable the power grid for Laser fence. GDI accept the offer and give them a ride and escorts. After disable the bridges and broke the final resistance, an engineer was sent to "takeover" CABAL.


CABAL was eventually "reconstructed" and brought online by GDI. Despite its allegiance to Nod and Cortez's uneasiness, CABAL was connected to the Tacitus and began translating. However CABAL noted the device itself was incomplete, before Dr. Bordreau confirmed that there was a piece missing.


  • Capturing the Nod Radar in the center of the map will remove the shroud and reveal the entire map. However, capturing the Nod Radar in the north-west section of the map doesn't have this effect.





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