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Takin' 'em down!
- IFV attacking an enemy
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The Infantry Fighting Vehicle (abbreviated as IFV) is a versatile and lightly armoured recon vehicle used by the Allies during the Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster. It is designed as a support unit capable of performing a variety of roles, including anti-infantry, anti-air, and vehicle repair, depending on the infantry unit garrisoned within.


The IFV can be garrisoned by one infantry unit. This will cause its weapon to change. Without any infantry inside, it is primarily an anti-aircraft unit and fires a weaker version of the missiles used by the Patriot Missile System against both ground and air targets. While fast, the IFV is very lightly armoured. It requires support from other vehicles or the element of surprise in order to last long. However in the early game, the IFV can be used for scouting and recon missions, thanks to its high speed and good sight radius.

An IFV that has been promoted to heroic however becomes surprisingly effective as both an Anti-Air and Anti-Ground unit; capable of destroying Kirov airships and other durable air units with just a few salvoes of missiles. It also becomes dramatically more effective against ground targets, killing groups of infantry in a single salvo, tanks and most large buildings in a few, like the Barracks, War Factory, or Ore Refinery. That said, it should be micromanaged because of its light armor.

Game unit

Infantry effects

See this article's video gallery for demonstrations of each combination.

When garrisoned with a President, Cow, or other animal, the IFV will gain a Prism weapon similar to that of the Prism Tower, but more powerful. This does not usually happen during regular gameplay. Mind-controlling civilian units does not work, because mind-controlled infantry cannot be garrisoned.


It is not known to operate after the events of the Psychic Dominator Disaster. After Cherdenko changed the timeline, the Allies improved upon the designs of the IFV resulting into the Multigunner Infantry Fighting Vehicle by the time of the War of the Three Powers.



  • Good against infantry, light vehicles and aircraft
  • Versatile due to quick weapon switches and addresses all kinds of weaknesses and problems.
  • Cheap ($600) to mass produce for some quick firepower in numbers.
  • Very fast hit and run vehicles for scouting and raiding.
  • In a desperate situation, 8 to 10 IFVs can shoot down a Kirov very quickly
  • Its anti-air missiles have a faster firing rate than the Apocalypse tank.
  • A group of them loaded with Guardian GIs are able to harass Apocalypse Tanks due to their speed and range.
  • Powerful anti infantry and easily gains veterancy when loaded with a Sniper or Navy SEAL.
  • Makes the Sniper very useful, by addressing his issues with rate of fire and movement speed on foot.
  • Loading an engineer converts IFV into a mobile repair vehicle, enabling quick field repairs free of charge, also effectively counters Terror Drones. Note: it cannot repair aircraft unlike Tech Machine Shops which can auto repair.
  • Multiple engineer-loaded IFVs can stack up repair effects, restore health of friendly vehicles with incredible speed (those defensive units can withstand massive amounts of damage, even doubling that of their normal health)
  • Good escorts for fellow Allied vehicles with a mix of loaded and unloaded IFVs in different configurations.
  • Default rocket IFV gains surprisingly massively heavy firepower when promoted to Elite; very effective against all targets. Its firepower is sufficient enough to one-shot Harriers as well as to destroy and heavily damage heavy tanks and structures with a few volleys.
  • Interestingly able to win against a Rocketeer in a duel at the same cost.
  • Great for destroying buildings in groups.


  • Useless against tanks if not loaded with anti-tank infantry and unable to go toe-to-toe even when loaded with one.
  • Lightly armoured.
  • Weaker than Gattling Tanks in the default configuration.
  • Vulnerable to mind-control unless loaded with long range infantry such as Sniper against infantry, or Guardian GI against tanks.
  • Frequent target from Rogue Black Eagles since they can destroy IFVs with one shot. Patriot Missile Systems or Guardian GI are more suitable against them.
  • Has a tendency to outpace slower, tougher (meatshield) units.
  • Poor choice of harassing War Miners and Slave Miners, as their machine guns are strong against them, and they have strong armor as well.
  • Base defenses can be a problem

Selected quotes

Note: If Yuri's Revenge is not installed, this unit will use quotes from the Grizzly battle tank.

Everything's made to fit
- When selected
IFV ready
- When selected
Need a conversion?
- When selected
We can make adjustments
- When selected
Transformer panels in order
- When selected
Tools of the trade
- When selected
Fast and light
- When moving
Made for speed
- When moving
On the go
- When moving
- When moving
Running smooth
- When moving
Watch my dust
- When moving
It's a sure shot!
- When ordered to attack
We've got 'em
- When ordered to attack
Of course
- When ordered to attack
Takin' 'em down
- When ordered to attack
Hittin' 'em hard
- When ordered to attack


Video gallery


  • During the beta phase of Red Alert 2, the IFV sported a different design, having treads instead of tires and a different chassis. This tracked version resembles the German Marder IFV.
  • The lower part of the IFV for the final version of icon were taken from a Soviet / Russian 9K31 Strela-1 stock model.
  • IFVs' missiles are weak against tanks in most cases, which is strange for many modern real-life IFVs have anti-tank missiles lethal to armors. This could be a consideration of balancing.
  • Placing a Tesla Trooper into an IFV modifies the turret into a domed turret reminiscent to the Tesla tanks from the first Red Alert.
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