Inferno squad

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Inferno Squad
Gen2 APA FlameSquad.jpg
Affiliation Asia-Pacific Alliance
Role Anti-infantry squad
Armament Flamethrowers
Produced by Barracks
Squad size 4
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Incoming transmission...
Inferno squad contains upcoming content from Generals 2.
The content may change substantially over time as more details are revealed.
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The Inferno Squad of the APA is expected to appear in Generals 2, serving as infantry armed with flamethrowers and tasked with attacking enemy infantry, acting similar to the Black Hand in Tiberium Wars.It is unknown if the flame squad`s can be upgraded with black napalm. They have been shown to do bonus damage to garrisoned infantry.


Population control Adds an additional infantryman to all squads.
Infernol Diesel Increases the damage.

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