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The cranial capacity for these fellows is severely limited. I'm guessing they were the first strain of mutations.
- Ignatio Mobius

The Initiate is one of the earliest successes of Project ReGenesis, who appears in Renegade as an enemy.


While lacking in intelligence and mental processing, the Initiate is very fast, highly endurant and strong. He is an especially deadly foe in hand to hand combat. He is capable of using simple weapons such as the chem sprayers issued to chem warriors.

Initiates lack any visible cybernetic augmentation and as such they can be considered regular Tiberium mutants. They are used as research and development base for further augmentation.

Notable appearances[]

  • A batch of early mutants was ferried in stasis tubes onboard Captain Stuving's freighter. One escaped containment, but was killed quickly by Captain Nick 'Havoc' Parker of GDI, who was exploring the vessel.
  • Several of them along with acolytes rebelled against Nod in an underground base in Africa destroying the base and killing all personnel within it before the facility was leveled by GDI. They can also be encountered in one side mission as an local population that have been converted but not brainwashed yet.
  • Humorously, some of these mutants were seen literally drinking out of toilets in the Cairo Temple of Nod. Abel's tomb beneath Nod's Temple was infested heavily by them. They can be reused to engage Nod soldier as some of them are feral.


Cost: 200 Cr
Health: 100
Armour: 100

The Initiates serve as low level mutant enemies in the single player campaign of Renegade, first appearing on the freighter in Stowaway. They aren't very deadly, as a few well placed shots will put them down permanently. They are usually armed with chem sprayers. Tiberium based (or tipped) weapon such as chem sprayer is not recommended against them as it actually "revitalize" them, just like other homo tiberium which are products of Project ReGenesis.

In multiplayer, they are available only on Extras-enabled servers and even then, only Nod can use them.


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