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For the Initiate from Command & Conquer: Renegade, see Initiate (Renegade).

There is much to learn!
- Initiate
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Initiates were the basic infantry of Yuri's Forces during the second iteration of the Third World War.


Yuri's initiates are powerful units that used the power of pyrokinesis with the assistance of classified technology to ignite fires. These flames are highly effective against infantry and reasonably effective against structures, but relatively weak against vehicles.

However, this all changed if Yuri's initiates garrisoned a civilian structure. At that case, the firepower of even a few initiates increased considerably to the point where only four garrisoned initiates could destroy a Apocalypse tank in mere seconds.

Initiates also seem to crew the various vehicles used by Yuri and his commanders, save a few which were "coerced" into service. One Initiate was seen engaging in conversation with Yuri on a unknown lunar vehicle moments before he unleashed the war.

They are by far the most powerful of all the basic infantry in Yuri's Revenge, being roughly equal to the deployed GI and costing the same. An elite Initiate can make short work of almost any infantry unit and many tanks. A group of ten elite initiates can defeat nearly anything on the ground.

Their short range limits them, however, as any unit with decent anti-infantry weapons and superior range often kill an initiate before the latter could reach the former. They are completely helpless against aircraft; a weakness that is exacerbated by a lack of anti-air infantry in Yuri's army.



  • Most powerful attack among basic infantry.
  • Extremely powerful when garrisoning buildings.
  • Effective against all ground units.
  • Simply pure gold in large numbers.


  • Shortest range among basic infantry.
  • Specially vulnerable to aircraft, as Yuri has no anti-air infantry.
  • Weaker armour than other basic infantry.
  • Highly vulnerable to siege units or long range enemies such as snipers.


Yuri is master
- When selected
I am but a student
- When selected
There is much to learn
- When selected
He has taught us well
- When selected
Learning the path
- When moving
Hail to the great Yuri
- When moving
Enlighten me
- When moving
I understand
- When moving
Guns are too messy!
- When ordered to attack
Cleansing flame!
- When ordered to attack
I don't need matches
- When ordered to attack
Focusing energy!
- When ordered to attack
Look! No hands!
- When ordered to attack
Give me strength, Yuri!
- Under fire
Fire out of control!
- Under fire
It's hard to focus
- Under fire
My life for Yuri!
- Under fire
- Under fire


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  • The Korean text displays 이니셰이트, which reads I-ni-shé(as in shell)-t, which might have been caused by the short delay between the syllables formed by ti and a. The proper transliteration of Initiate would be 이니시에이트, and if choosing a fully translated option, a good option would be 입문자.
  • Outside of the opening cutscene of Yuri's Revenge, initiates never speak with filters which distort their voices.
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