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The Inner Circle
Nod Inner Circle
The Inner Circle as it existed during the Firestorm Crisis (Circa 2031)


Political information

Secret collective of Kane's most trusted advisors


Highest echelon in the Brotherhood of Nod

Game information

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

The Inner Circle is a shadowy group which embodies the highest echelon of power within the Brotherhood of Nod. Its secretive members are handpicked by Kane himself, and are second only to Nod's prophet in their authority over the Brotherhood.

Ancient Times

Nothing is truly known about the Inner Circle prior to its existence being uncovered amid the turmoil of the Firestorm Crisis, but it may be presumed that the group is nearly as ancient as Nod itself, with Kane having selected the outstanding personalities in the Brotherhood as his most trusted advisors or closest confidants among every generation of followers. Seth likely was one of its members during, and perhaps long before, the First Tiberium War.

Firestorm Crisis

During the events of the Firestorm Crisis, the Inner Circle was composed of five generals who survived the aftermath of GDI's second military victory over the Brotherhood. At this time, the group appeared to be dominated by two generals in particular: Anton Slavik (upper middle of the photo shown) and a man known as Marzaq (to the right of Slavik), both of whom tried to establish total control and enforce their own concept of what Nod should become in the second interregnum.

These Inner Circle members were eventually assassinated by CABAL's cyborgs, with only Anton Slavik successfully escaping the purge, as he relied on his own Black Hand forces for security, and not on cyborg bodyguards.

Third Tiberium War

Following the return of Kane prior to the Third Tiberium War, the Inner Circle was reestablished as a secret collective of the Nod prophet's most devoted and trusted loyalists. Three known members of the group during the era of the third conflict were Brother Eamonn, the "Legendary Insurgent" and an unnamed advisor. Kilian Qatar was supposedly a member as well, but was framed by Abbess Alexa Kovacs and later executed by Kane.

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