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Madison Mason

The Inner Circle Advisor was a senior Brotherhood of Nod officer and member of the Inner Circle, who appeared to be the key figure in Kane's experiments with Liquid Tiberium and the Scrin's Threshold Towers during the events of the Third Tiberium War.


This unnamed and mysterious Inner Circle member is first seen discussing the construction of the Liquid Tiberium bomb with Kane early on in Tiberium Wars its Nod campaign; a secret project that general Kilian Qatar, supposedly Kane's second-in-command, was being kept in the dark about. He later also briefed the "Legendary Insurgent" about the purpose of the Scrin's Threshold Towers, lending credence to the theory that this man was an extremely important figure within Nod, who was being trusted by Kane with an intimate knowledge of all his plans. Following the conclusion of the Third Tiberium War, he is believed to have "Ascended" alongside Kane, the Insurgent, and the remainder of the Inner Circle.

Behind the scenes

The Advisor was perceived by many to have an uncanny resemblance to an aged Anton Slavik. Together with his status as a member of Kane's Inner Circle, this caused widespread speculation among fans that he indeed was supposed to be the famous Nod general from the Second Tiberium War. However, a cutscene in Kane's Wrath revealed that Slavik had been assassinated by his Black Hand rival Marcion many years earlier, invalidating that theory.


The Inner Circle Advisor appears in several of Tiberium Wars' cutscenes during the game's Nod campaign.


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