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CncT-Gameicon The following is based on the cancelled Tiberium FPS and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Integrated Combat Suit is a suit of armour used by Ricardo Vega in the cancelled Tiberium FPS.


The combat suit has an archetypal form, derived from synthesized and natural sources, mostly predatory animals such as manta rays, raptors and large cats (leopards, jaguars etc.), while maintaining GDI's policy of "Seeing The Soldier" in the equipment, not hiding the human. In a technological sense, it is composed of a Mitsubishi Hyperlite augmentation rig mounted on a Kevlar5 elasticised polymer core, with a Dai Nippon/Skunk Works Gillie rebreather system which filters out sand and toxic particulate while compressing oxygen into a breathable atmosphere inside the sealed suit and hardpoint mouting system[1].

The Data General Rugged Systems Sensor Fusion helmet compliments the armour, containing the heads-up display for command & control capability and issuing orders. When not in combat, its plates can fold, revealing the user's face - useful in secure environments, such as the Mobius Research Station[2].

Other features include an integrated jumpjet system, a legacy of the Commando armour from 2047 and an emergency medical system that can restore wounds of the user directly on the battlefield.


The armour is an in-universe explanation of the HUD and provides several abilities to the player, such as recharging health and jumpjets.



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