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The intelligence center is a GDI strategic structure in the Global Conquest mode, and a campaign location.


There were three intelligence centers in Johannesburg, which LEGION captured during operation "Keys to the Kingdom", where he stole the orbital defence matrix plans. The information gained was essential for Nod to ensure the destruction of the GDSS Philadelphia, without the interference of GDI's A-SAT systems.

Global Conquest support powers[]

Icon Support Power Cost Cooldown Function
CNCKW Media Blitz Cameo
Media blitz $1000 3 turns Reduces the Unrest level in multiple cities in a large area, but has a weaker effect than the Refugee Aid support power.
CNCKW Commando Strike Cameo
Commando strike $1000 3 turns Prevents the selected enemy base from being given orders until the next action phase, and cancels any existing orders the base might have.


It reuses the model of the Future-Tech Lab, which in-turn reuses the concept art of GDI Barracks from the GDI Style Guide.


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