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The internet center was a building developed by China to protect and aid their Hackers while they attained funds for the Chinese war machine. This was developed later in the conflict as the Chinese forces realized that their Hackers have no protection are are vulnerable to almost any enemy units.

Game building

By providing them with a superior Internet connection, the Internet Center allowed as many as 8 Hackers or Super Hackers to more rapidly hack into and steal money from insecure Internet bank accounts, while protecting them from enemy fire. The Internet Center building was surprisingly resilient, even able to withstand a direct hit from a super weapon. It would take two or one(depending on faction) hits from any superweapon of any faction. The Internet Center could also be upgraded to provide a general with spying capabilities. As with many Generals structures, when you advance a structure with one of the upgrades listed below, the building changes. In this case, antennas and satellite dishes grow from the roof of the building.


Gen1 Land Mine Icons.png Land Mines Create mines around the Internet center and harm enemy that pass through. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $600.
ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png Neutron Mine Upgrades the mines to the neutron mines around the Internet center and harm infantry that pass through. Kill vehicles and tanks crew when pass through. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $500. Requires Land mine to be installed.

Upgrades available

Icon Upgrade Description
ZH Satellite Hack 1 Icons.jpg Satellite Hack 1 By hacking into enemy satellite frequencies Internet Center personnel could permanently reveal the position of all enemy Command Centers on the battlefield
ZH Satellite Hack 2 Icons.jpg Satellite Hack 2 Available once the first Satellite Hack had been purchased, this periodically exposed all enemy satellite data, allowing Chinese commanders to see the location of all enemy positions on the battlefield. However, this ability is short-lasting and need several minutes to recharge


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