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The third-generation Ion Cannon Control Center was a bunker-like superweapon structure that was developed by GDI just before and used during the Third Tiberium War.


A third generation ion cannon

The Ion Cannon is a weapon of unprecedented destructive power and far outclasses Nod's nuclear missiles. The first versions were crude and relatively weak, no more than laser scalpels compared to those used in later conflicts. Two dozen exist aboard platforms in medium Earth orbit and are controlled by a sophisticated communication matrix that can fire them in unison at a single location for maximum effect, or target separate locations for tactical strikes.


First developed in the years preceding the First Tiberium War and then used during the conflict, the astronomical power of the Ion Cannon has since become GDI's greatest offensive asset. It fires several beams of concentrated energy that measure only centimeters across but can melt the densest metal, vaporize organic tissue and shatter Tiberium crystals. After that, they spiral in toward the target point and merge into a larger, more powerful beam at the center of the target area before the colliding ions trigger a controlled but extremely violent exothermic reaction fifty times more powerful than the atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


CNCTW Ion Cannon Cameo.png
Ion Cannon This superweapon has a 7 minute charge-up time, during which it must remain powered and intact. It fires a devastating blast that can destroy a large portion of a base. The Ion Cannon Control Center will be visible to all players and will start a countdown timer visible to all players after the building is constructed. Each small ion beam does 1000 cannon damage, while the final blast inflicts 20000 cannon damage over a radius of 250.


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