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Ion Cannon control mode active. Ion Cannon controls online. Positioning over Eastern Seaboard. Fire when ready.
- EVA(src)

The Ion Cannon Control Center is GDI's superweapon structure in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


A third generation ion cannon

By the time of the Third Tiberium War, GDI's ion cannons were more lethal and accurate than ever[1]. The ion cannon control center allowed GDI commanders to call down an ion cannon strike from one of GDI's orbital battle stations, which could vaporize virtually everything within a large radius[2].

Unlike nuclear weapons, which GDI had vowed to never use[3], ion cannons were far more precise, and do not cause environmental harm[2].

However, the ion cannons depended on the Goddard Space Center, and the entire ion cannon network went offline after the facility was destroyed by a Nod attack. It wasn't until the attack on Temple Prime that repairs were complete and the ion cannons were brought back online[4].


The Ion cannon control center is first available in the first GDI mission but cannot be built until Sarajevo.


CNCTW Ion Cannon Cameo.png
Ion Cannon This superweapon has a 7 minute charge-up time, during which it must remain powered and intact. It fires a devastating blast that can destroy a large portion of a base. The Ion Cannon Control Center will be visible to all players and will start a countdown timer visible to all players after the building is constructed. Each small ion beam does 1000 cannon damage, while the final blast inflicts 20000 cannon damage over a radius of 250.

Role in Global Conquest

In Global Conquest, the ion cannon control uplink is a strategic structure that allows access to the ion cannon.


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