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TS Ion Cannon Uplink Upgrade Icons.gif TS Ion Cannon Icons.gif
Ion Cannon Uplink
Internal name GAPLUG3 (structure rules)
GAPLUG_F (structure art)
IonCannonSpecial (power)
Affiliation TS GDI logo.png GDI
Role Superweapon
Tier 4
Tech level 10
Armor type Wood
Cost $1500
Produced by GDI construction yard
Requires GDI tech center
Upgrade center
Cooldown 8:30
Sight range 1
Parent Upgrade center
Power -100
Allows Ion cannon strike

The ion cannon uplink was a satellite dish designed to interface and transmit coordinates to space-based ion cannon, installed at GDI upgrade centers during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.

It communicated and control with the orbital ion cannon to call down strikes on enemy positions. It was a compact advancement to the advanced communications center used in the First Tiberium War, but still drew considerable amounts of power.

After the Second Tiberium War the decision was made to avoid over reliance on the fragile upgrade center. It was replaced by the much better armoured ion cannon control centers.


  • Because no CG render exists of the Ion Cannon in Tiberian Sun, the cameo uses the render from Tiberian Dawn.

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