See also Iraq (Red Alert 2) in the RA Universe.

Iraq, officially the Republic of Iraq, is a country in the Middle East, bordering Iran to the east, Turkey to the north, Syria and Jordan to the west and Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the South. Two major rivers - the Tigris and the Euphrates - flowed through it providing the largely-arid country with arable land. The capital city, Baghdad, was the centre of the great Abbasid Caliphate and for centuries a centre of Islamic art and science.


Iraq's history goes back many millennia, to the times of the ancient Sumerians, considered by some to be the world's first civilization. The region had been under the control of the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Parthians, Romans, and in the 7th century the Muslim Arabs. Part of the Ottoman Empire from the 16th century to 1918, the country was occupied by the British before gaining independence in 1932.

Tiberium Universe

In the 1980s and 1990s Iraq was ruled by the Ba'ath Party, lead by Saddam Hussein. His government was a dictatorship that tortured its people and conducted genocide, and he was targeted for elimination by the United Nations Black Ops 9. The mission was to be top secret and that the world wouldn't be any wiser about the nature of the assassination. Ironically, the mission was a complete failure. The existence of Black Ops 9 suddenly became public, and forced the United Nations to call an emergency session on how to prevent a major world public opinion backlash. The United Nations then decided to present to the people of Earth, a Worldly Protection Agency. A Global Defence Initiative so to speak.

During the First and Second Tiberium Wars Iraq was shown as a Nod affiliated nation. By the time of the Third Tiberium War, Tiberium had turned it into a Red Zone.

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