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For the technology in general, see Iron Curtain.

So, what does the... Iron Curtain... do?
Do? Well, by the theorem it appears to make things... invulnerable.
Yes. Any structure or vehicle covered with this effect, by theory, will become impervious to harm. It's incredible!

- Gunter von Esling and Einstein, talking about the Iron Curtain(src)

The Iron Curtain is a Soviet superweapon capable of making a unit or structure temporarily invulnerable. It is featured as one of the two Soviet superweapons in Red Alert.


The Iron Curtain renders a vehicle or building invulnerable for a short period of time.
- Red Alert manual(src)

First constructed by the Soviets in 1951,[1] the Iron Curtain is based on the theory of resonating molecules under certain frequencies. The device consists of an underground generator and an above ground transmitter, suspended above a circular opening directly above the underground machinery. The transmitter collects energy (sent via the circular opening in the form of a semi-transparent white stream of particles), gradually beginning to glow red. Once enough energy is collected, it can coat the target vehicle with the Iron Curtain effect, making it impervious to harm for a short amount of time.

A nasty side effect of the device is that infantry inside a transport vehicle are killed when such vehicle is made invulnerable.

It was upgraded to affect more units, up to nine at a time, during the Third World War. The side effect on units occupying a transport vehicle is resolved, but the device can still kill infantry on foot friendly and enemy if targeted.

Allied reaction[]

Given the potential damage such a technology might cause to the Allies, General von Esling personally dispatches several missions to recover intelligence on the project and destroy research facilities. However, due to redundant research centers, the project yields working prototypes in spite of Allied actions and two of these devices are deployed in defence of Moscow. Nevertheless, the Allies were successful in stopping the development of a more powerful variant of the Iron Curtain.

Game building[]



  • The device shares its name with the colloquial name for the territorial border that separated the western and eastern blocs during the Cold War, culturally and politically.
  • Despite Einstein’s statement that any structure or vehicle is made invulnerable by the iron curtain, it is not possible in-game to use it on a structure of any kind.



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