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For other uses, see Iron Curtain.

Do you know what it's like to have indestructible tanks ripping through your base like a bull in china shop? No? Then let me show you how the Iron Curtain works!
- Oleg Vodnik

The Iron Curtain is a Soviet superweapon used during the Third World War.


The Iron Curtain is one of the Soviet military's most-feared creations. It gathers some sort of energy inside its furnace, which it uses to project a kinetic barrier onto armored forces. While the barrier lasts only a short while, affected targets are completely invulnerable during that time[1].


RA3 Iron Curtain Field Icons.png
Iron Curtain Field Make vehicles and/or structures become totally invulnerable for a brief amount of time and require some time to another use afterward. Also instantly kills all infantry.


  • Kills infrantry.
  • Protects the object from being damaged by incoming attacks.
  • Protects vehicles from being crushed by a bigger vehicle.
  • Sky Knights produced by an Iron Curtained Aircraft Carrier will be Iron Curtained as well.
  • Removes Tanya out of the Iron Curtained object.
  • Iron Curtained Terror Drones cannot be removed by repair drones.
  • Protects the vehicle from infection damage.
  • Protects vehicles from being sucked into the Vacuum Imploder singularity and protects buildings from being damaged by it.
From special abilities
  • Prevents and undoes freezing.
  • Protects objects from Blackout Missile.
  • Prevents weapon from being jammed.
  • Prevents the vehicles from being paralysed, staticized and disrupted.
  • Prevents the vehicles from being bribed.
  • Vehicle's pilots cannot be sniped.
  • Protects units like King Oni or Shogun Battleship from destroy themselves when hitting a larger unit with their ramming abilities.
  • Protects Dreadnought from damaging itself when overloading its Launchers.
  • Prevents vehicles from being dragged by Apocalypse tank's Magnetic Harpoon.
  • Prevents Hammer tank from healing itself when using leech beam on the Iron Curtained object.
From protocols


  • An Iron Curtained vehicle transported by a Twinblade will be destroyed normally if the helicopter is shot down.
  • Iron Curtained Terror Drones get in a transport will be destroyed if the transport is destroyed.
  • If an airfield/airbase with Iron Curtained planes docking in is destroyed, the planes still be destroyed.
  • Iron Curtained vehicles can still be destroyed voluntarily with a Crusher Crane.
  • Does not prevent suicide abilities, like the Burst drone's Self Destruction or Yari mini-sub's Last Voyage, from destroying the suicide unit.
  • Does not protect vehicles from S.H.R.I.N.K. beam and does not undo the effect.
  • Does not prevent shrunk units like King Oni or Shogun Battleship from destroy themselves when hitting a building with their ramming abilities.
  • Does not undo the effect of Blackout Missile.
  • Does not prevent sniped vehicles from being captured.
  • Does not protect jet fighters from taking "out-of-ammo" damage and crashing.
  • Does not prevents vehicles from being infected and does not remove infection.
  • Does not prevent weapon from being leeched if the vehicle is somehow destroyed.
  • Does not prevent vehicles from being Chronoshifted or Chrono Swapped.
  • Does not protect vehicles from being destroyed by unmatched terrain when teleported.
  • Does not prevent units from being affected by Emperor's Rage.
  • Does not prevent Sunburst drone from attaching itself to the Iron Curtained unit, or slowing it down.
  • Does not affect Point-Defense Drones.
  • Does not prevent vehicles from being contaminated with Toxic Corrosion and does not remove the Toxic.
  • Does not protect Kirov Airship from damaging itself for using Volatile Fuel.
  • Does not undo Cash Bounty if already placed on the objects.
  • Does not prevent civilian buildings from being cleared or occupied.


The Iron curtain is first available to the player in No Traitors Tomorrow.




  • In truth, the Iron Curtain effect lasts for 28 seconds. Specifically, 25 seconds after first received and 3 seconds for area effect.
  • The real "Iron curtain" was a political border in Europe separating capitalist countries from communist countries, at the end of World War 2 until 1991, when the USSR collapsed.


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RA3 Soviet logo.svg Soviet Red Alert 3 Arsenal RA3 Soviet logo.svg