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Do you know what it's like to have indestructible tanks ripping through your base like a bull in china shop? No? Then let me show you how the Iron Curtain works!
- Oleg Vodnik

The Iron Curtain is the Soviet support superweapon in Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


The Iron Curtain is one of the Soviet military's most-feared creations. It gathers some sort of energy inside its furnace, which it uses to project a kinetic barrier onto armored forces. While the barrier lasts only a short while, affected targets are completely invulnerable during that time[1].

Game structure[]



When activated, the Iron Curtain applies an effect to all buildings and structures in the area of effect that renders them invincible. However, any infantry in the area are instantly killed instead. In addition to all damage and instant destruction effects from attacks, offensive abilities, superweapons, and offensive protocols, Iron Curtain protects affected units from being crushed by larger vehicles, being damaged by infecting terror drones, being bribed, being frozen by cryo abilities, and most other negative effects. Terror drones under Iron Curtain additionally cannot be removed from infected vehicles, and Dreadnoughts do not take damage from having Sacrifice Launchers activated. Hammer tanks do not heal when using Leech Beam on a unit affected by Iron Curtain. Tanya cannot sabotage vehicles or structures affected by Iron Curtain and will be forced off of it if Iron Curtain is deployed before her charge explodes. Likewise, Natasha cannot snipe units affected by Iron Curtain.

Iron Curtain only affects ground units and structures; air units and submerged units in the area of effect do not receive the effect. However, landed aircraft (such as ones inside an Airfield or landed Twinblades) count as ground units and will receive the effect, and aircraft produced by a production facility under Iron Curtain's effects and Sky Knights deployed by an aircraft carrier under Iron Curtain's effects will also have the Iron Curtain buff. Similarly, Mecha Tengu and Striker-VX retain the buff when transforming into their aerial form.

Note that Iron Curtain affects all units and structures in the area, including those owned by teammates and enemies.


Iron Curtain's protection does not apply to units that are inside a transport, though the effect will remain on a unit that is picked up by a transport during Iron Curtain's duration. If the transport is destroyed while carrying a unit affected by Iron Curtain, so too is that unit. Similarly, if an airfield is destroyed, any aircraft inside affected by Iron Curtain are also destroyed. Civilian buildings under Iron Curtain can still be cleared or occupied.

It also does not remove Cash Bounty or the effects of Blackout Missile from affected units (though it will prevent these effects from being applied), nor does it protect against the cryocopter's S.H.R.I.N.K. beam (in Uprising), Chronosphere teleportation, being infected by terror drones (though as previously mentioned, the terror drone will not inflict damage until Iron Curtain wears off), self-inflicted destruction (such as the suicide attacks by the burst drone and Yari mini-sub or a shrunken King Oni or Shogun battleship ramming a building), or damage/destruction caused by game mechanics (aircraft that are out of ammo failing to land at an airfield, units being teleported onto terrain they cannot traverse).

Protocols intended to be used on friendly units, such as Emperor's Rage, Chrono Swap, or Toxic Corrosion, are not blocked by Iron Curtain.



  • In truth, the Iron Curtain effect lasts for 28 seconds. Specifically, 25 seconds after first received and 3 seconds for area effect.
  • The real "Iron Curtain" was a political border in Europe separating capitalist countries from communist countries, at the end of World War 2 until 1991, when the USSR collapsed.


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