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Boy I beat you like an old drum; Who gave you command !? Cause I got some words for them!
- -When Ironside turns the tide of battle

Ironside was a scrapped character that was originally planned to appear in the Generals Challenge mode of Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour.


Since he does not appear in the game, very little is known about Ironside, other than that he was most likely intended to be the US counterpart of Leang, serving as the final boss of the General's Challenge mode if the player picked a US general at the beginning.

He, along with General Mohmar were cut from the game, their roles replaced by Leang. However, his voice clips can still be found in the game's source files.


  • I got three things to teach you kid: (1) How to lose, (2) How to cry, and (3) How to die.
  • You got me out of bed for this? I have to take you over my knee right NOW!
  • Look out! We're coming through the front door!
  • Excuse me. Are you putting your defences at the front of your base? *Spit* You don't think we can go around that? Well, do ya'?
  • My Command Center! You think I'm just gonna sit here and take that?!
  • Good Work, general. I salute you. (Player victory)
  • Can you feel my fist starting to close around your neck?
  • What part of die did you not understand?
  • Yeah Suzzie, I've read Sun Tzu too. Greater enemy, retreat. Smaller enemy, attack. Is that all you've got for me?
  • I'm going march into your base and plant my foot in your butt, general.
  • And you call yourself a general? I call you a pain in the butt, that's what I call ya'.
  • Boy, you think I am playing with you? You better think again!
  • Do you think this is a game? Well do ya'? Wait, don't answer that.
  • I've got more medals than you got teeth, boy. Which won't be saying much after I'm done knocking 'em out for ya'! *laugh*
  • So, you're not a real general are you. You're like a surgeon general or something like that?
  • Welcome Colonel Burton, sorry you had to get tied up in this thing. No hard feelings. (When the player train Colonel Burton)
  • Black Lotus ain't your salvation boy. She ain't gonna get anywhere near my base. (When the player train Black Lotus)
  • Jarmen Kell just another sniper punk. I got dozens of snipers. (When the player train Jarmen Kell)
  • Did you know you've just lost a tech-building, sport?
  • I got me the whole United States Military behind me. And we've just decided... we don't like you.
  • Build yourself a SCUD Storm there huh, you can't hit the side of the barn with the SCUD don't you know that? (When the player builds a SCUD Storm)
  • Bringing out your nukes, huh? If Washington hadn't tied my hands, I'd show you some nukes, I tell ya! (When the player builds a Nuclear Missile)
  • How did you get a Particle Cannon, son? That was supposed to be top secret! (When the player builds a Particle Cannon)
  • Bring the SCUD's punk. I'll show you the storm. (When the player launches a SCUD Storm)
  • You're gonna regret Nukin' me kid. I don't take too kindly to that. (When the player launches a Nuclear Missile)
  • Using a Particle Beam eh'? You better put me away with that because you're not gonna like my counter-attack. (When the player activates a Particle Cannon)
  • I feel like I am kicking over sand castles. How many of your building are you gonna let me destroy there, sport?
  • Does your mommy know you're out by yourself? *laugh*
  • Well,there you are. Too late to run now, boy.
  • Maybe you can make some extra bucks polishing my boots cause, ya sure ain't no General. (Ironside's Victory)
  • So here is where you're hiding your resources. Mind if I take a few? *laugh*
  • Let that oil derrick go, boy. This war ain't about the price of gas, you know. (When the player captures the Oil Derrick)
  • Think you know how to use that Artillery Platform, son? (When the player captures the Artillery Platform)
  • That Oil Refinery is not a viable target son, and it don't belong to you, so we're coming to get it back. (When the player captures the Oil Refinery)
  • Just blew up your Barracks, skippy. What ya gonna do about it?
  • You best leave my pilots alone, boy. Planes are one thing, but you best if my pilots return safe, you hear?!
  • Do you know how much those jets costs?! I could've fed the whole world with what you've just destroyed!
  • That's enough buildings, son. Why don't you try attacking my forces now?
  • Let's get armor and air support out there! Our grunts are getting torn apart!
  • You can tell me, we're just generals here. Did your men know that you're incompotent?
  • Kid, that barracks was not a military target! You do that again and this is gonna get ugly!
  • Is that barracks a little close to the frontlines, kid? Hard sleeping with bullets in your barracks, you know.
  • I hope those grunts know what you're getting them into.



  • Ironside has been remade in many non-canon fan modifications, most notably in Zero Hour Reborn: The Last Stand, Contra and ShockWave. His most commonly assumed role is that of the USA's Boss General, having the best units and technology possessed by other USA generals, analogous to Leang and Deathstrike (as their original versions being the respective faction boss generals).
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