Italian Hills (mission)

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Italian Hills
Nod 15a Capturing the Key 02.png
Nod recon enter the Italian hill
Previous Northern Italy
Concurrent Operation Stiletto
Next Kane's Tower
Part of Third Tiberium War
Location Italian Hills
Nod captures the Nerve Center and gains the access codes
Capture the Nerve Center
Capture three Extractors
Destroy the alien Gravity Stabilizers
Destroy the Stasis Chamber
Destroy the Scrin and Nod forces.
Repel the Nod forces
Full arsenal except the Emissary

Two Zone Trooper divisions

from two drop pods
Almost full arsenal except the Rift Generator

Italian Hills is one of the two Nod missions made available after Northern Italy in Tiberium Wars, the other being Operation Stiletto.


Now having a new addition of Kane's arsenal that can effectively combat the aliens, Kane tasked the commander to capture the codes needed to enter a Scrin tower. The codes reside in an alien Nerve Center deep in the Italian Hills where the aliens have an assault staging ground. But as Ajay pointed out, the area was so heavily fortified that he "did not think a ghost can get through (them)".

The battle

Nod arrived in the abandoned Crane station in the Italian hill area. Intel suggested that the area is infested with Scrin forces and GDI assault parties is being deployed into the area. The objective is within the top direction of Nod. The Commander will then set up his base and deploy a recon party to the area, but GDI Zone troopers are interrupting the recon and initiated a battle against the Scrin. A Nod Commando is then deployed to secure the structure and to hail on the Scrin's Annihilator Tripods. Quickly disperse both parties and secure the objective, a decision is then made to destroy any opposition in the area, mainly the Scrin to make sure that the code is not reset, and securing the objective.


Nod now had the codes needed to enter a Scrin tower - if they could capture one for themselves. By this time, GDI had invaded the red zones to destroy the 19 Thresholds around the world. One such battle in the Italian red zone threatens the tower Nod intended to capture...


  • The initial force of Nod in this mission includes a Saboteur, whom is scripted to be purged by his fellow Nod Commando for expressing doubts on Kane. However, if the player is fast enough to separate them, the Saboteur can be saved and used to capture a nearby Tiberium spike.
    • Strangely, the expression was voiced by Militant squad's voice actor, rather than Saboteur's.
  • Even though both the cutscene and the objectives describe the alien structure containing the code as a Relay Node, the structure is a Nerve Center in the actual mission.


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