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Italian Hills is one of the two Nod missions made available after Northern Italy in Tiberium Wars, the other being Operation Stiletto.


Kane complimented the Nod Commander on the completion of his previous mission. He then explained to the Commander that in order to gain access to an alien tower, they must secure a key code from a nerve center. He instructed the Commander to take his forces to the assault staging ground and infiltrate an alien base containing the code.

Meanwhile, Ajay was feeling guilty over the death of Kilian. He informed the Commander that the closest base with the key code was in northern Italy. However, it was also a source of alien reinforcements and was heavily fortified. Ajay suggested a two-stage attack and warned that the mission would be difficult.



  • The initial force of Nod in this mission includes a Saboteur, whom is scripted to be purged by his fellow Nod Commando for expressing doubts on Kane. However, if the player is fast enough to separate them, the Saboteur can be saved and used to capture a nearby Tiberium spike.
    • Strangely, the expression was voiced by Militant squad's voice actor, rather than Saboteur's.
  • Even though both the cutscene and the objectives describe the alien structure containing the code as a Relay Node, the structure is a Nerve Center in the actual mission.


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Ajay's briefing
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