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Colonel J.C. Carter is one of GDI's field commanders in Command & Conquer.


A loyal and competent commander, Carter was involved in the early battles of the conflict in Estonia.[2] He stays in contact with the GDI commander after contact is lost with GDI Command and General Mark Jamison Sheppard as funding for GDI is cut by the UN as part of their investigation into the Białystok scandal.

Based on his appearance in the introduction of Clearing a Path, he has contracted Tiberium poisoning in the line of duty. In the briefing, he mentions he will be arriving with the river convoy to take out the Nod base. In the mission, all gunboats are destroyed by Nod's new fearsome weapon, the Obelisk of Light, which, according to the mission's text briefing, GDI had heard rumours about but had no details on. Given the fact this is Carter's final appearance, it is assumed that he died in that failed assault.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Carter's actor was credited for the role of "Carter" in the English game credits. However, the German voiceover credits show more info on all characters, and credit him as "J.C. Carter".



In Havoc briefing
In Clearing a Path briefing


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