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You ask, what is our aim? I can answer with one word: victory - Victory in spite of all terror, for without victory there is no survival.
- James Solomon[2]

General James Solomon is an American army officer who is the Chief Commander[1] of the Global Defense Initiative during the Second Tiberium War. He was a noted field commander in the First Tiberium War and was the player character in the original Command & Conquer.


He graduated from West Point[1] and completed the US Army Ranger School programme,[3] and after serving in the US military, transferred to the Global Defense Initiative in the late 1990s, as a very competent officer, immediately receiving orders straight from GDI Supreme Commander Mark Sheppard and colonels J.C. Carter and M.O. Morelli.[4]


First Tiberium War

Throughout the campaign, his forces struck one blow after another against the Nod forces, while he himself managed to avoid assassination when Kane's intelligence gathering forces managed to pinpoint his home.[5] Shortly before the war, soldiers under his command attacked a Nod bio-research facility and saved the test subjects (among them Michael McNeil, who had already undergone Tiberium augmentation, unbeknownst to GDI)[4] and other prisoners (including Jake McNeil, Michael's older brother). Solomon led the final attack against the Sarajevo Temple of Nod, where he ordered the GDI Ion Cannon to eradicate the Temple.[4] Not long afterwards, he was presented with a CCTV recording of Kane's final moments, as he embraced the ion beam in the hallway of the Temple; a sight that haunted him ever since.

Solomon after the First Tiberium War

The loss of two of his brothers to the Brotherhood of Nod left him with a bitter hatred of Nod and Kane. His bitterness manifested in his eagerness to use the Ion Cannon against Nod forces.[6]

Second Tiberium War

He continued to serve in GDI and eventually became its Chief Commander,[1] stationed aboard the GDSS Philadelphia. In order to avoid another war, he installed Nod General Hassan in Cairo, who rallied the fractured Nod forces, feeding them propaganda, but keeping them pacified. When Anton Slavik drew attention to himself as he and the Black Hand actively fought GDI forces, Solomon ordered his immediate capture and execution. When Slavik was freed by Oxanna Kristos and escaped, the distraught Hassan sought help from Solomon, who calmly informed him that if Slavik gains power, the so-called pharaoh will become useless to GDI, effectively stating that no help will be given.[7]

When the reunited Nod launched a series of attacks against GDI forces worldwide, Solomon was the first to be contacted by Kane, who taunted him for believing he was killed in the Sarajevo Temple. Unnerved, Solomon called upon Michael McNeil to counter Nod. Preferring strategy and careful planning, Solomon stayed in contact with the GDI commander throughout the conflict, often clashing with the young commander, but seeing how McNeil reminded Solomon of himself when he was young[4], he let those problems slide. Solomon was often portrayed as a responsible and strong leader, yet he apparently held mutants in low regard, often referring to them as "shiners" and saying that they "can wait."[8]

When Michael McNeil ordered a hasty attack on Cairo, Solomon was quick to inform the commander that he would not authorize it as such. While was unwilling to risk losing such an able commander to a court martial in case his forces lost, he provided them with a veteran Titan unit deployed from the Philadelphia via orbital insertion.[9]

Solomon's fate after the Second Tiberium War is unknown.


General Solomon received numerous awards including two Army Distinguished Service Medals, three Silver Stars, a Defense Superior Service Medal, a Legion of Merit, a Distinguished Flying Cross, four Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, three Meritorous Service Medals, an Air Medal, a Army Occupation Service Medal, a National Defence Service Medal, an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, a Vietnam Service Medal as well as Army Service and Army Overseas Service Ribbons.

He has also received the Combat Infantry Badge as well as Parachutist Badge among several others.

Selected quotes

We are working around the clock to make the planet safe for all humanity. GDI units are evacuating and relocating unexposed populations. GDI scientists are looking for a cure. GDI officials are planning for the future. We will get through this. The planet will survive.
- Solomon responding to criticism that GDI was not doing enough to help infected populations, Tiberian Sun News Archive.
There is apparently an enormous amount of groundless speculation as to whether or not Kane is with us. To those of you who harbor such fantasies, I will say only this: the truth is the truth. Kane is dead. Period.
- Solomon condemning the rumors of Kane's status, Tiberian Sun News Archive.
We are pleased with the progress of the Disruptor tank, and feel it will be the ultimate addition to GDI's already powerful arsenal.
- Solomon commenting the Disruptor, Tiberian Sun News Archive.
The Disruptor is the ultimate offensive weapon. War is hell, as they say, and the Disruptor fights like hell. Other than that, I have nothing further to say.
- Solomon commenting the Disruptor, Tiberian Sun News Archive.
They're scared and running. Ever since Kane died, Nod have been scattered and leaderless. It's time we wrapped this thing up, once and for all. For the good of the planet.
- Solomon debunking Nod propaganda that the Disruptor had stolen Nod technology, Tiberian Sun News Archive.
The GDI is and will continue to stay focused on the evacuation efforts and safety of mankind. However, violence from Nod forces is a real and growing concern. Although distracting from our humanitarian efforts, we must and will retaliate.
- Solomon after Nod commandos stormed an armoury north of Munich, Tiberian Sun News Archive.
I can't predict the future - but I do know the past. Is Kane dead? Yes. Is the Brotherhood of Nod an all but dead organization? Yes. And if GDI encounters fringe Nod resistance, GDI will forcibly answer these questions, time and again.
- Solomon after the successful raid of a Nod Tiberium research facility, Tiberian Sun News Archive.


When selected

  • I'm General Solomon,
  • Fortune favours the bold,


  • I am in command here,
  • Greetings, commander!

Good game

  • You have a keen tactical mind.
  • Well played.


  • Poor judgement.
  • A miscalculation.


  • That's impossible!
  • What is this?!


  • You are no match for me!
  • I am the master!


  • Ready the ion cannon!
  • I have you now!


  • James Solomon is portrayed by actor James Earl Jones, best known for his voice work for Star Wars' Darth Vader and The Lion King's Mufasa, as well as portraying Vice Admiral James Greer in The Hunt for Red October.
  • The appearance of James Solomon in Tiberian Sun marked the first instance where a player character was seen, retroactively making him the first character in the Command & Conquer franchise to not follow the "unnamed/unseen commander" motif the series would become known for.
  • James Earl Jones actually served in the U.S. Army in real life. He was initially commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and underwent Basic Infantry Officer School as well as the Ranger course, the latter from which he earned the right to wear a Ranger Tab on his uniform. He was then assigned to a cold weather combat training unit.
  • According to an interview Joseph David Kucan gave in 1998, James Earl Jones was encouraged by his grandchildren to play a part in the game, because they liked the first Command & Conquer[10]. However, it should be noted that Jones' only son, Flynn, was born in 1982,[11] and would have been 17 at the time. It is unknown if James Earl Jones has any grandchildren, especially any who would have been old enough to have played the game at the time.



James Solomon appears in Tiberian Sun. His name is also briefly mentioned in the background of the Renegade intro and the Command & Conquer Bible confirms his status as the player character of GDI in Tiberian Dawn.

Solomon is a selectable commander in Command & Conquer: Rivals. He has access to the Ion Cannon.[6]


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