Jannero Drake

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Jannero Drake
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Biographical information
Died 2027
Status Deceased (assassinated)
Gender Male
Political information
Occupation Writer
Game information
Appearances Tiberium Wars (mentioned)

Jannero Drake was a writer after the Second Tiberium War with anti-Nod views.


Drake's parents were killed when Nod bombed a museum during his youth. This later inspired him to write Kane: False Prophet, a book dedicated to debunking Kane's image and claims. Drake was assassinated by a Nod Fate Squad in 2027 and the book seized before it could be released. A criminal dossier on Kane, compiled by Lia Suskind, drew on many excerpts heavily censored by GDI InOps.[1]


Jannero Drake is mentioned in the criminal dossier on Kane.


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