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CC Novel Cover The following is based on the spin off novel by Keith R. A. DeCandido and might contradict canon.

Corporal Jason "Geek the Greek" Popadopoulos (nicknamed because many people have a hard time pronouncing "Popadopoulos") is a technician from Greece (before it became a Red Zone) assigned to the 22nd Infantry Division onboard the Huron.

Character development[]

He was commanded by Michael McNeil. After the Third Tiberium War broke out, he was nearly killed by a booby trap in Nod corporal Hugh Isembi's suit but he anticipated and disabled it before it worked. He was angry when GDI's engineers took the technology away from him, and displayed a rivalry with them. He often played poker with "Angry Puppy" Momoa and Ricardo Vega. These games became legendary due to their skill (Popadopoulos himself had little of that) and raised the morale of the Division. He survived the Third Tiberium War.


Jason Popadopoulos appears only in the Tiberium Wars novel.

Tiberium Wars Novel
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