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Javelin Soldier
RA3 Javelin Soldiers.png
Internal name AlliedAntiVehicleInfantry
Affiliation Allies RA3.png Allied Nations
Role Anti-vehicle infantry
Armament Missile launcher
Tier 1
Hit points 100
Armor type BaseAntiVehicleInfantryArmor (100% Sniper, 10% Cannon, 10% Rocket, 150% Gun, 100% Melee, 150% Auto Cannon, 100% Explosive, 20% Flak, 100% Prism, 1000% Tesla, 100% Radiation)
Amphibious No
Cost $400 (up to 1.10)
$300 (1.11 and later)
Build time 0:05
Produced by Boot Camp
Hotkey F3
Ground attack
  • 25 (Rocket)
  • Laser lock: 40 (Rocket)
Air attack
  • 25 (Rocket)
  • Laser lock: 40 (Rocket)
  • Speed
  • 50
  • Attack range
  • Ground: 150
  • Air: 300
  • Laser lock: 50 (Min)/250 (Max)
  • Sight range
  • 200 (vision)
  • 500 (shroud clearing range)
  • Javelin, right here!
    - Javelin soldier exiting the boot camp

    Javelin soldiers are Allied anti-vehicle infantry in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and its expansion, Uprising.


    Javelin-class heavy-weapons specialists, or Javelin soldiers, are the Allies' anti-vehicle infantry. They are armed with missile launchers that can target both air and surface targets. They can also switch to laser-guided mode, which takes longer to lock onto a target, but allows them to fire at a much faster rate.

    Allied Peacekeepers are heavily specialized against infantry and poorly suited to dealing with enemy armor and aircraft. Therefore, working together with Javlin soldiers greatly improve their effectiveness.


    RA3 Javelin Launcher Icons.png
    Self-Guided Mode The default mode of Javelin soldiers. Fires missiles at a rate of 0.3 second per shot.
    RA3 Laser Lock Icons.png
    Laser-Guided Mode In the laser-guided mode, Javelin soldiers have to stay still and aim at the target for 3.5 seconds before firing. However, they gain twice the rate of fire and deal increased damage.

    Game unit

    Javelin soldiers are very effective against armored units and aircraft, as well as structures. However, they are extremely vulnerable against anti-infantry units, such as Soviet Sickles. They also have no way of deterring enemy units from crushing them, unlike their Soviet and Imperial counterparts. Therefore, it is recommended to garrison them inside structures to improve their survivability.

    Their Laser Lock ability is utterly useless against faster units, since they can simply move out of the way before the Javelin soldiers can finish locking onto them. However, they are deadly against structures and slower units, such as Kirov airships.


    • Red Alert 3 patch 1.05: fixed an exploit where the Javelin soldier could remain fully locked onto their target even after moving
    • Red Alert 3 patch 1.11:
      • cost reduced to 300 from 400
      • vision range increased to 200 from 175
      • fixed an exploit that allowed the Javelin soldier to remain locked-on while moving or when the target goes out of range


    Upon exiting the Boot Camp

    • Javelin, right here!


    • What's up, coach?
    • Where the next place?
    • Yo!
    • Hey, man!
    • Javelin!
    • Javelin on deck!
    • I'm ready!


    • Gotcha back!
    • Let's hustle!
    • Make it a move!
    • Taking position!
    • Go, go!
    • Alright, coach!
    • That sound's mine!
    • Stay low!

    Garrisoning Structure

    • This is our house!
    • We'll take it!
    • Good call!
    • Nice pay!
    • We'll scope it out!

    Attacking ground

    • Catch this!
    • Hit 'em hard!
    • Going deep!
    • Wide open!
    • Watch this one!
    • Take this out!
    • Hit it!
    • Eat this!

    Attacking air

    • Locked on here we go!
    • Here comes the hail Mary!
    • This is a no fly zone!
    • Come on down!
    • Come on, splash 'em!

    Attacking with Laser Lock

    • He's locked, give me a second!
    • Charging up!
    • Wait for it!
    • Hold still, sucker!

    Move to Attack

    • We can take 'em!
    • Hell yeah!
    • Here we come!
    • It's go time!
    • Do it!
    • Sack 'em!
    • Blitz' em
    • He's mine!
    • We can take these fools!

    In combat

    • Don't you worry, I've got plenty more!
    • They ain't stopping us!
    • Keep the pressure on 'em!
    • That's it, that's it!
    • I can hang with this!
    • Fools is getting cloud!
    • This was on me!

    Under fire

    • Taking some hit!
    • Pressure's on over here!
    • That all they got!?
    • Keep 'em off!
    • Aw hell no!
    • Where's our team!?


    • Two real-world Javelin missile systems exist: the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile system used by the contemporary US military and the British Javelin surface-to-air missile.
    • The weapon that the soldier actually uses looks similar to a Stinger missile launcher. 
    • Strangely, Javelin soldiers wear helmets, yet do not wear any kind of body armor.
    • When idle, Javelin soldiers will do an MC hammer dance.
    • The Javelin Soldier's mannerisms and quotes are reminiscent to American football players to the point that they refer to their commander as "coach".

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