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The Javelin Soldier is the Allied anti-armour infantry, capable of shooting down enemy aircraft and vehicles in a few shots. A laser used by them would fire at greater range against either Soviet or Imperial vehicles and aircraft during the Post-War Crisis.


When the Timeline re-merged, all Guardian GIs were non-existent. Lieutenant Eva McKenna, the British successor to Lieutenant Eva Lee of the United States had trained some Allied units to defeat another Soviet invasion of Europe by destroying an enemy base on the Danube River that threaten the Allied garrison. She told an Allied Commander that Javelin soldiers provided anti-air rockets inside their missile launchers and also as a potential threat to enemy vehicles travelling on land. They proved useful in all missions to defeat the Soviets under both Premier Romanov and Bronislav by destroying their vehicles, including Aircraft.


Before the Third World War, Javelin soldiers provided more useful at taking down enemy planes and vehicles since the Post-War Crisis. Their role became far more good and since then, they were most useful with rockets and missile launchers against two technologies: those flying in the sky and to those driving on land (for the enemy only in announcement to start their war in three sectors of destruction).


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