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Johann Pascal is a supporting character in Tiberian Twilight.


Dr. Johann Pascal is a controversial teenage prodigy, who was hired by the Idris Corporation as a scientific advisor. He was personally asked to join by Elias Caruso, company CEO.[1]

When Caruso died in 2074, he was succeeded by former Central Operations Officer Evelyn Rios, with Johann Pascal as the conservator of Caruso's ideals.[1]. With the help of Kane and knowledge derived from the Tacitus, Johann's company, Pascal Labs[2] created five optical implants that were the key to activating the Tiberium Control Network and Kane's ascension.

He is good friends with Lillian Parker, who stayed with her husband throughout the implantation procedure and got to know the Doctor well.

Campaign development[]

Pascal plays a prominent role in the Nod campaign, offering insight and explaining the workings of the implants and their connection to the TCN and the Tacitus.[3]. His fate is identical in both campaigns - he is captured and tortured to death by Gideon, all the while transmitting the feed from his implants to both news networks and Kane.


Johann Pascal appears in Tiberian Twilight.


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