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The Juggernaut is a GDI Defense-class artillery walker in Tiberian Twilight. Unlike previous incarnations it may mount a mortar launching sticky bombs.[1]


A direct descendant of the TWIII-era Juggernaut, the new Juggernaut is a next-generation walker, boasting shortened, but just as accurate cannons and an optional sticky bomb upgrade. With more finesse than its ancestral models, the Juggernaut maintains its role as GDI's mobile artillery platform, with new emphasis on mobility.


It functions as a heavy artillery/minelayer which is very effective against clustered enemy units and does not take up a lot of command points allowing several juggernauts to bombard the enemy from afar. Like the Tiberian Sun version, it fires its shells in an arc, but unlike the Tiberium Wars version, it does not need to unpack. Unlike previous versions however this Juggernaut does not leave a husk when killed, a security mechanism to prevent acquisition of the technology by Nod Engineers.

An achievement can be earned if the player use the Juggernaut to destroy many units with Sticky Bombs.




  • Good for destroying Crawlers if the target Crawler cannot dodge
  • Highly Effective when chaining with Zone Captains/Ion Cannon strikes (for EMP)
  • Deals Blast Damage, which is useful against later-game defense stuctures
  • Sticky Bombs can be dropped into an enemy strike force for considerible damage
  • Considerible range combined with its mobility makes it a good choice for mobile artillery.
  • Area of Effect damage


  • Slow
  • Sticky Bombs require an upgrade and the new launcher is visible, giving the opponent warning
  • Lacks Accuracy
  • Vulnerable to Cannon damage
  • Minimum Range
  • Unable to recovered and turned to husk
  • Can be hijacked by Nod Hijacker



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