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For other uses, see Juggernaut.

Juggernaut, standing by!
- Juggernaut, rolling out of the GDI war factory

The Juggernaut was GDI's long-range artillery walker during the Third Tiberium War.


The Juggernaut is GDI's heavy artillery walker that delivers massive damage from an incredible range.
- EVA(src)

After the Second Tiberium War, GDI retired most of its mechanized walkers, including the famed Mammoth Mk. II,[2] after it was discovered that the advantages conferred by their all-terrain capabilities were offset by construction and maintenance cost, poor reliability, and easily exploited vulnerabilities[3] (i.e. their legs' susceptibility to explosives[4]). The seemingly absolute dissolution of Nod, as well as the escalating need to abate the spread and catastrophic ecological effects of Tiberium on the Earth, also did not help with justifying these expenses.

However, walker technology was still used and developed by the Steel Talons experimental combat division of GDI,[5] who developed a variant of the Juggernaut Mk. I mobile artillery walker known as the Behemoth. This walker addressed its vulnerability to enemy infantry via the addition of an infantry-capable garrison pod, and it proved so successful that it was expected to enter full service after a period of testing with the Steel Talons.[6] Unfortunately, after a string of humiliating defeats at the hands of the Nod AI known as LEGION, the Steel Talons faded into obscurity, and so did the Behemoth.

By 2047, the only walker still in GDI service is the Mk. III Juggernaut mobile artillery system – a direct descendant of the Mk. I Juggernaut in TW2. The Mk. III is based on a Mk. II Titan chassis with a new turret and crew pod, upgraded cannons, and a next generation fire control system. Because these vehicles are intended for indirect fire support and are not expected to be on the front lines, the advantages conferred by all-terrain navigation were deemed worthy of the risks.[3]

During the attack on Threshold 19, GDI deployed five modified Juggernauts, capable of firing even further. However, these modified Juggernauts were less accurate, and had a much slower rate of fire.[7] They were destroyed during Nod's defense of the tower.

Game unit[]

Unlike the heavy walkers of the other two factions, the Avatar and the Annihilator tripod, the Juggernaut is an artillery unit rather than a heavy assault unit. It fires three artillery shells at a time, and its long range makes it ideal against structures and base defenses, but less so against moving targets, such as infantry and vehicles (especially fast ones, such as attack bikes), since its shells are not very accurate. Its turret can rotate 360 degrees, though the turning speed is extremely slow. Due to the spread that its shells experience, Juggernauts also deal splash damage.

Being an artillery unit, the Juggernaut is vulnerable against enemies at close range (though this is mitigated somewhat by the fact that its status as a heavy walker lends it the ability to crush infantry and most vehicles) and defenseless against aircraft, it is also just as vulnerable to GDI and Nod commandos as other walkers, so Juggernauts should never be used without an escort.

Its bombardment ability allows it to target any location on the map as long as it is within the line of sight of a stationary sniper team, even if the sniper team is inside a structure or a transport. This can be very useful for destroying an enemy base from afar. When bombarding, the Juggernaut only fires one shell at a time, though it is much more accurate. The bombardment will stop if the sniper team spotting for the Juggernaut moves or is killed.

Like other walkers, the Juggernaut leaves behind a husk when destroyed, which can be reactivated by an engineer unit. Since the Juggernaut is both an expensive and powerful unit, care should be taken to capture these husks whenever possible, and to destroy them when recovery is unfeasible in order to deny them to the enemy.




When created[]

  • Looking for the big guns?
  • Juggernaut, standing by!

When selected[]

  • What's the status?
  • On standby.
  • Juggernaut!
  • Coordinates?
  • What's the holdup?
  • Mobile artillery!
  • I'm the Juggernaut!

When moving[]

  • Moving!
  • Confirmed!
  • Locomotors working.
  • Walkers in motion.
  • Approaching area.
  • Let's get her movin'!
  • Entering new position.

When ordered to attack[]

  • We see 'em!
  • There's our target!
  • Closing in!
  • Moving to attack range!

When attacking[]

  • Flatten the place!
  • Destroy it all!
  • Clear the area!
  • Fire at will!
  • Clean 'em up!
  • That won't take long!
  • Let's rock 'em!
  • Bury 'em!
  • Brace for fire!
  • Bury these fools!

When ordered to bombard[]

  • Bombardment!
  • Coordinates check.
  • Fire in the sky!
  • Send the barrage!

In combat[]

  • Load up another one!
  • Keep 'em checked!
  • Hold 'em down!
  • Lay waste!
  • Oh, snap!
  • Pwned! [sic]

When retreating[]

  • Headin' to base!
  • Turn her around!


  • In Technology in 2047, the Juggernaut in Tiberium Wars is referred to as the "Mk. III Juggernaut" and the original Juggernaut from Firestorm is referred to as Mk. I. However, it is never established if there is a "Mk. II Juggernaut", though it is possible that Mk. II is the designation of the Behemoth.
  • Humorously, if idle, both the Juggernaut and its Behemoth counterpart pecks its cannons on the ground like a chicken. Though realistically, this act could break the cannons (especially if they are "pecked" on hard terrain).
  • When idle, it will sometimes scratch the cockpit with one of its legs similar to cats that scratch their chin, however it does not seem to cause any harm to the pilot. This animation is rarely seen.
  • The quote, "I'm the Juggernaut!" is a reference to the parody video The Juggernaut Bitch!! by My Way Entertainment.



Juggernaut humorous idle animations

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