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Punch it!
- Zone Trooper
CNCTW Jetpacks Cameo

Zone Raiders en route via Jump jets

Jump jet technology allows infantry units either take flight or make long range jumps.

The technology was developed by GDI before the Second Tiberium War, first used by specialized jump jet infantry squads. These first jump jets were back mounted and bulky, but allowed the unit to remain airborne. However, the unit had limitations such as slow speeds, the inability to quickly change altitude, and a limitation of how much body armor could be worn because of weight-lift issues.

By the Third Tiberium War, redesigned jump jets were integrated into power armor. Although no longer able to sustain flight, the new jets allowed a unit to cover long distances quickly, as well as avoid obstructions. To date, jump jets have been used in Commando, Zone Trooper, and Zone raider armor.

By the time of the Ascension Conflict, most GDI infantry are equipped with jump jets and the jump jet packs can be used to upgrade infantry to improve their mobility.