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The Kane's Wrath Community Summit held in December 2007 was an event organized by Electronic Arts Los Angeles to promote Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath by allowing community members to play the fiscal beta version of the game against each other and the developers and share feedback.


David Silverman showed the attendees the set of Battlecast Primetime and answered their questions on Command & Conquer TV.

During this event, the participants were taken to an NHL hockey match between the Los Angeles Kings and the Buffalo Sabres. In the second intermission, the scoreboard showed the cinematic trailer for Kane's Wrath, followed by a pre-recorded message by Joe Kucan dressed as Kane saying "In the name of Kane, go Kings!".

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Kane's Wrath trailer and Kane's message broadcast in the Staples Center, Los Angeles
Tour of the Battlecast Primetime set

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