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The unofficial 1.02+ patch for Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath is a community-made patch created by CrazyGDIFan123 (a.k.a. cnc315d34d) that aims to fix bugs and errors left over after the official 1.02 patch while having as little impact to the game balance as possible. The latest version can be downloaded via the Command Post app.


The patch was essentially created as a mod using WrathEd in a way that the game loads its files along with the stock ones.

It was not as popular as when it was released as an updated pack of ranked 1v1 and 2v2 maps that are of almost same appearance and gameplay (some were slightly edited as per community input), with all the changes of the 1.02+ patch included. The updated maps do not require the patch itself to be installed, which allows faster and easier access when playing ranked matches, as most of these maps were also added to the ranked map list. However, they can not be transferred to the players who do not have them in-game due to their compiled nature.

Some time later, several completely new maps, created by community member Predatore, were released on the forums, quickly achieving popularity among the players. These maps were reconfigured to contain 1.02+ changes and were added to the 1.02+ map packs. After a voting period, Predatore's maps were also added to the ranked map list.

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