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Kelly Weaver was the spokesperson for the FutureTech Corporation, who frequently addressed the public regarding their concerns over FutureTech's research during The Uprising


As the Head of Corporate Communications for FutureTech Corporation, Ms. Weaver is the ubiquitous voice of one of the world's leading private defense firms. Due to the proprietary nature of the firm's research and the highly-sensitive details of its contract with the Allies' military, she approaches her public-speaking responsibilities with utmost seriousness.[1]


Weaver took part in a press conference where she assured the news networks about FutureTech's actions after a number of reports came in about illegal experiments being conducted by the company. During the interview, she commented that there was controversy over the Chronosphere technology too when it was first developed, and noted that it was normal for fear to be associated with change.

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After the scandal that erupted over Rupert Thornley's use of the Sigma Harmonizer, Weaver took part in a press conference "revealing" that she along with FutureTech's Board of Directors were 'completely unaware' of Thornley's personal ambitions of the device. She also said that to ensure such an incident did not happen again, the corporation was placing in extra security protocols and stated that FutureTech was 'committed to the path of peace'.

Commander's Challenge

Kelly Weaver appears in the Commander's Challenge mode. She is the taskforce representative who sends the FutureTech Commander to collect military technology from the three powers. Once the Commander has accomplished a sufficient number of missions and acquired many key technologies, Ms. Weaver congratulates her right hand man personally. She asks him to consider FutureTech's offer, mentioning that she will visit him during the evening to "review the terms in private".

Behind the scenes

Kelly Weaver was played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.


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