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The Vervack 40mm AG79 K1 Kestrel automatic grenade launcher is a weapon appearing in Renegade.[1]


Manufactured by Vervack, the AG79 K1 automatic grenade launcher[1] fires its rounds in an arc. It is fed from an eight round detachable drum magazine and allows for a high rate of fire with its semiautomatic action.


The grenade launcher is used by GDI in both the singleplayer campaign and in multiplayer. It is used by the Grenadier and the commando Patch (though the latter only uses it in the single-player campaign only).

Although difficult to wield, it is useful for harassing infantry in tunnels and can be used against vehicles effectively, to an extent. It is also very useful for getting rid of Visceroids, as only 2 direct hits take one down.

Alongside the Merlin personal ion cannon, the grenade launcher is never used by any enemy, being a GDI exclusive weapon. This means it is one of the hardest to find weapons in the campaign.



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