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We should never have been so aggressive. But who dares tell Kane he's overreaching without fear of punishment?!
- Kilian Qatar

Kilian Qatar, alias Copperhead Actual, was a Brotherhood of Nod general and Kane's second-in-command throughout much of the Third Tiberium War. In the later stages of the conflict, she was executed for high treason after Qatar brokered a ceasefire with the Global Defense Initiative in a reaction to the Scrin's arrival on Earth.


A highly intelligent and ruthless tactician, Kilian Qatar professed to be one of the most devout members of the Brotherhood of Nod, who would always strife to uphold its core values in the name of Kane. While little is known of her early life, Qatar's tactical aptitude made her one of Kane's most valued military assets after the loss of Anton Slavik, and seemingly one of his closest advisors. The plan to destroy the GDSS Philadelphia with a nuclear strike after disabling the Global Defense Initiative's A-SAT defenses was of her design.

However, as the Third Tiberium War progressed, Qatar turned vocally critical of Kane's directives in front of her underlings. After the arrival of the Scrin and Kane's disappearance, she assumed command over Nod. Kilian instantly proclaimed that 'all talk of Ascension', the most central and ancient belief of the Brotherhood, had to be 'put aside' in favor of an alliance with GDI in order to combat the alien presence. As a consequence, her stronghold on Ayer's Rock was captured by Nod forces and Kilian was summarily executed by Kane's personal guard.

Character development

Kane is ordering our soldiers to stand down against the alien invaders! It's INSANITY!
- Kilian Qatar

During the Brotherhood of Nod's assault on the world's Blue Zones, Kilian oversaw the progress of the Legendary Insurgent as he invaded the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. When the situation took a turn for the worse, Qatar openly began to voice her doubts about Kane's strategy to him, especially with regards to the seemingly reckless aggression with which the Blue Zones were attacked. When Kilian later uncovered a part of Kane's master plan involving the Liquid Tiberium Bomb, she was shocked to learn she had been kept in the dark on the matter.

When her requests for reinforcements in Australia were denied, some Nod forces sent to assist in Temple Prime's defense rebelled against Kane, seemingly at the behest of Qatar. After the Ion Cannon obliterated the new Sarajevo temple, she assumed command over the Brotherhood and redirected its efforts to acquiring nuclear weapons, to replace those lost at the Cairo site. While Kilian's authority was initially acknowledged by Nod, there were many like lieutenant Ajay who did not fully trust her motives. After the Scrin's arrival on Earth, she immediately arranged for a ceasefire with the GDI, causing upheavel throughout the Brotherhood. 

During a joint Nod-GDI evacuation effort of Sydney, Australia an enraged Kane resurfaced, ordering the Brotherhood to break the armistice Qatar had brokered and to wipe out all GDI forces present. After annihilating the GDI base in Downtown Sydney with one of the same nuclear missiles Kilian had captured earlier, Kane sent the Legendary Insurgent after Qatar and gave orders to spare no one that remained loyal to her. She was shortly thereafter executed for treason, paying the price for her failure to grasp, or have faith in, the scope of Kane's vision.

Behind the scenes

Kilian Qatar was played by Tricia Helfer, also known as Cylon Model Number Six from the hit Sci-Fi TV series, Battlestar Galactica. Also, Tricia Helfer played Carla in Burn Notice and voiced EDI in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Veronica Dare in Halo 3: ODST, as well as Sarah Kerrigan in StarCraft II.


I gave you everything, Kilian. An army to command, a place in my Inner Circle—a future beyond your wildest dreams! And all I asked for in return... was your faith.
- Kane to Kilian Qatar before executing her


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