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Kill-A-Ton is a side challenge for Commander's Challenge.


There's been a terrible industrial accident here involving several Super-Reactors, a shipment of explosive barrels, a Conscript, and a Terror Drone. So of course Commander Moskvin was first on the scene so that he could try out his new Desolator Trooper divisions and make sure they truly are immune to environmental catastrophes. Although the Desolator Troopers are by all means vile, their ability to withstand extremely toxic conditions is intriguing, so it would be good of you to investigate.

Strategies and Notes[]

  • The middle of the map has neutral heavily damaged Super Reactors that emit desolation at intervals. Moskvin will send many infantry that hug the left side of the map, Terror Drones which are immune to desolation will wander around or will search for an undefended refinery and attempt to infect your miner, and expand to the ore mines. If Moskvin is given enough time he will send MiGs, Kirovs, bullfrogs, and many Desolators.
  • Desolators are extremely durable and are highly resistant to tier 1 defenses, so it would be wise to wait until you get a stronger base defense.
  • The Kirovs will try to backdoor you so keep a good number of anti-air units at the ready, preferably Apollos, MiGs, or Jet Tengus.
  • The city has no desolation around and Moskvin doesn't send his infantry that way, so consider this a path for your ground units.


  • In this challenge, there is a heroic Desolator and a small Yuriko Omega on the map, most likely a reference to the Big Daddy and Little Sister characters from the BioShock series.
  • Killing the said heroic Desolator causes participating units to gain veterancy even when they didn't make the kill.
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