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Who has awakened me?
- King Oni rolling out of the Mecha Bay

The King Oni was an heavy assault walker used by the Empire of the Rising Sun during the Third World War and The Uprising.


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An extremely unorthodox weapon that flies in the face of decades of conventional mechanized warfare, the King Oni was a humanoid battle-walker that stood approximately six stories tall. The "eyes" of this robot concealed energy weapons that could reduce a tank to molten ruin in seconds. The King Oni was also remarkably capable of fighting with its own body, using its massive arms and shoulders to crush anything that stands in its way.

Its white armor, apparently some sort of new compound, seemed able to withstand many times more punishment than a typical main battle tank. An early battlefield report involving the King Oni suggested that just one of these robots, when faced with an entire tank platoon, simply charged the main battle tanks head-on. Their shots deflected off of its armor even as it barreled into the tanks, simply crushing them underfoot as though they were children's playthings.

It is unclear whether the King Oni was a piloted, remote-controlled, or autonomous vehicle.[1]


RA3 Bullrush Icons
Bull Rush The King Oni can perform a bullrush for a short distance. Any enemy unit, be it a man or machine, will be crushed if in the King's way.


In terms of armor and firepower, the King Oni is equal the Soviet Apocalypse Tank, but will still lose to it in one-on-one fight because the King Oni has a somewhat slower animation when it starts to attack, though the Apocalypse Tank will still lose nearly all but a sliver of its health in the fight. If Apocalypse Tank uses its Magnetic Harpoon, it will win with much greater ease. The King Oni is faster, however, so Soviet players must be aware of flanking by the King Oni. It must be noted that in term of mobilization, the Allies' Assault destroyer wins due to their amphibious nature and their grip over the Chronosphere. The Future Tank X-1 is better at destroying swarms than the King Oni.

Like all units of its class, the King Oni is easy prey to Natasha's Badger Squadron Bombardment and her special ability to neutralize pilot assisted units, as well as the bribe ability of Allied Spies. A Terror drone team's special ability and the Tesla trooper's secondary mode can significantly immobilized it. Rogue Oni can be handled with ease by Rocket Angel lashes.

Also the Oni's very power and size singles them out in combat, and they would surely fall against a few aircraft, as even the Empire's Commanders can make the error of sending unescorted units into the front line, which historically has proven to be a deadly mistake that always results in obliteration.

Deployment History[]

RA3 KingOni1

A King Oni fires it's primary weapons

In the Allied Campaign, it is first seen on the Rock of Gibraltar and is destroyed by Tanya. They later (unsuccessfully) defended the Floating Fortress in the North Sea, and the Empire's military installations in Tokyo.

RA3 Soviet logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

In the Soviet Campaign, it was a formidable foe, rivaling the Apocalypse tanks, but was easy prey for Twinblade helicopters, which rained bullets and rockets on it. Hammer Tanks were no match for them. V4 Rocket Launchers and Dreadnoughts easily destroyed them before they could react. First introduced by Tatsu during the Soviet reoccupation of their naval base, they become a staple of Empire's heavy, but crushable army. Terror drones could tear them into pieces from the inside and, of course, whenever a Kirov caught up to one (which was very unlikely), a few bombs ended its reign. Yoshiro had a modified King Oni which could shoot down air units with missiles but even this mighty titan went up in flames when destroyed by Apocalypse Tanks and Twinblades. Soviet Commanders also admit its Bull Rush made the walker a devastating foe. The Magnetic Harpoons and grinders of an Apocalypse Tank can very rapidly reduce the very expensive King Oni into nothing more than scrap metal, as can, of course, the grinders of the Grinder Tank. Should a Hammer Tank succeed in dismantling it with its magnetic weapon, the Hammer Tank will gain the King Oni's head on its left side which shoots the Oni's beam.

EotRS logo The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

In the Imperial Perspective, the King Oni's first deployment into active combat duty is to assist not one, but two Yuriko Omegas, one presumed a clone of the Empire's Psychic Commando, in holding off the Soviets and Allies at Yokohama Bay in Operation: Barbarians in the Bay, before the counterattack was launched, pushing back both the Allies and Soviets. In the final mission, two elite King Onis were ordered by the Imperial Commander to destroy the FutureTech Lab in Amsterdam after it unleashed an as-yet-unknown superweapon as a last resort, destroying both Imperial bases, Allied survivors and the remaining Soviets. As the war ended in an Imperial victory, a King Oni was reported to be using its Radiant Eyeblasters to eliminate the flags of the now-defeated Allied Forces, replacing them with Imperial Standards as grim reminders of just how far the Empire of the Rising Sun will go to drown any enemy, who dare oppose their Divine Destiny, in their own blood.

In the Uprising campaign, the Allies had received several King Oni reinforcements by repairing the bridges to deal with Kenji's base and his special King Oni and during a battle with Takara and later Emperor Tatsu's army the Allies captured a tech structure thus gaining 4 King Oni reinforcements.


Greater King Oni[]

Emperor King Oni

The Emperor's personal King Oni.

Greater King Oni icon

Greater King Oni icon

Emperor Yoshiro possesses the original King Oni that only he himself is allowed to pilot.

This King Oni has missile pods for AA-purposes, which possessed an extremely high rate of fire, giving it a very effective AA defense so much so that a Kirov airship surprisingly stands little chance against this King Oni variant (this means that unlike the normal varieties, it is better to use a ground attack than attack it from the air), upgraded armour and Rising Sun insignia all over it. Its lasers were also more powerful than any standard King Oni faced thus far.

Likely as the original prototype and the personal machine of the Emperor, no expense was spared in its creation and maintenance. From his final transmission to the Soviet General, it appears that the Emperor was bionically linked with the machine, suggesting that all King Onis have some sort of cockpit and allow the pilot to move as if it were their own body (which explains the humanoid appearance).

Although Emperor Yoshiro was thought to possess the only one, another was seen under the command of Kenji during Commander's Challenge along with several other normal King Onis. It was destroyed by the Futuretech Commander.

One can take down a Greater King Oni if they're lucky by using Natasha's Snipe Pilot Ability, immobilizing it in the mission To Tame a Living God and Gosh Darn Mongolians! 

The Greater King Oni is buildable in the Red Alert 3 Mod Shock Therapy.

Commander Kenji's King Oni[]

Commander Kenji's King Oni

Commander Kenji's Modified King Oni

Kenji oni icon b

Commander Kenji's King Oni icon

During the Allied Campaign in Osaka, Commander Kenji's modified King Oni appears, housed inside his luxurious estate. He uses it as a last resort to fight the Allies along with a small battalion of his men. When his estate is destroyed, he unleashes his modified battle walker with a reverse-engineered Tech inhibitor from the Allies, which disabled the usage of practically every unit and structure of the Allied Commander's arsenal.

This variant has a different color scheme; mainly black and yellow with the usual red sunburst insignia of the Empire on its shoulders. He also modified its energy weapons to fire with more power, capable of killing with as much force as a heroic King Oni.

It can be bribed by spies. [2]


  • Red Alert 3 beta patch 1.5:
    • now accelerates while charging
    • decreased the charge duration to 4 seconds from 5
  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.05:
    • will now perform a melee attack when attacking enemies nearby, which will also cause meta-damage to infantry
    • fixed a bug where the King Oni would not do any damage with its bull rush if used before reaching its build waypoint
  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.09:
    • if a King Oni uses its bull rush secondary ability while shrunk by a Cryocopter's S.H.R.I.N.K. ray, the King Oni will now explode on impact
    • now correctly animates when powered down by an EMP attack
  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.11: health increased to 3000 from 2250



  • Who has awakened me?!!


  • What is it?
  • Do not test me!
  • Unleash me!
  • Who calls?
  • Let me fight!
  • It is time?
  • I am complete!


  • Simple...
  • Hmmm...
  • For now!
  • Is that all?
  • What's there?
  • And?


  • To cinders!
  • Die!
  • Burn!
  • With pleasure!
  • To the slaughter!

Using Bull Rush[]

  • Arrggghhhh...
  • HAH HA HA HA!!

Move to Attack[]

  • Leave them to me!
  • At last!
  • This will be pleasing!
  • They will burn!
  • They're next!
  • Them?

In combat[]

  • Let the wrath flow!
  • SHUT UP!
  • Uhhh...
  • Embrace death!
  • I want more!


  • I wasn't finished!
  • If I must!
  • Let them by!
  • They are not worth my time!

Under fire[]

  • Pitiful attacks!
  • Their screams...!
  • Dare to defy ME?
  • They test fate!
  • They're bothering me!


To Cinders!
- King Oni
  • A poll on the Red Alert 3 website suggested that players are much more afraid of King Onis charging into their base than of Apocalypse Tanks heading for them. Though it should be noted that the poll was posted before the game's release.
  • In Japanese folklore, an oni (鬼) is a demon or ogre, sometimes, they are portrayed as evil beings, but other times, they are also portrayed as benign creatures, such as being the guardians of important, holy sites.
    • This is also represented in the Momotaro folklore which a Tiger and Bull represents the Oni. Bull is mentioned as the ability of King Oni.
  • The King Oni's design is reminiscent to that of an armored samurai (侍).
  • At the Soviet Campaign "To Tame a Living God", the Emperor's Greater King Oni is immune to the Ultra Magnetic Satellite, forcing the commander to destroy it through conventional means.
    • Note that Natasha's special ability will only disable the Emperor's King Oni, and the disabled King Oni must be destroyed to finish the mission. Oddly, the Greater King Oni can be captured by a vehicle, by ordering an infantry and a vehicle to enter it at the same time. The infantry will not enter the Greater King Oni during the capture. But it must still be destroyed in order to complete the mission. Note that recycling is not considered as "destroying", thus rendering the mission incompletable.
  • The captured Greater King Oni has no quotes in any circumstances.
  • A section of the rebuilt Shiro Sanitarium, called "Oni Testing & Coronation Chambers", can be seen in the mission Ruin and Reunion. This seems to imply that a King Oni is simply called an "Oni" when first produced, and needs to undergo some form of testing to be crowned "King".
  • In RA3 beta, King Onis are able to kill even Tesla troopers in one hit, and the Greater King Oni has blue instead of red eyebeam.[3]



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