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King of the Monsters is a side mission for Commander's Challenge.

After researching the Iron Curtain in Amsterdam, the FutureTech Commander was called to another situation. The Allies, under Lydia Winters are fighting Moskvin's forces and he did the same thing. FutureTech CPO, Kelly Weaver doesn't agree to a battle where the Commander is sent to a remote area in southern Asia. He still keeps his cool and destroys the base where Moskvin uses much of the V4s to destroy them. It's the twenty-fourth mission after an Iron Curtain was taken and before Vera Belova comes to attack the player, once more.


FutureTech traced several transmissions from an emergency broadcast channel, set up by the Allies a few decades ago, to a stormy island in South-East Asia, previously thought deserted. Unfortunately, little could be heard other than static before the transmissions were abruptly cut off, and reports from local eyewitnesses, hired from the nearest population centers, were "too ridiculous to believe". Moreover, both the Soviets and the Allies also tracked the transmission to the location. The FutureTech Commander was sent in to "clean up this mess... whatever it is".

Strategies and Notes

  • Lydia will try to freeze the Shogun.
  • It is possible for Moskvin or Lydia to get themselves killed by the Shogun fairly quickly.
  • The Shogun does not respond to Pacifier artillery.
  • Lydia will send spies.
  • Lydia and Moskvin have access to the Vacuum Imploder and Proton Collider.


  • The mission's name is a reference to the Shogun Executioner, as well as the official title of the famed Japanese movie monster, Godzilla.
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