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Defend your position, deploy the MCV, then build a sizable force to search out and destroy the Nod base in the area. All Nod units and structures must be either destroyed or captured to complete objective.
- Mission briefing

Knock out the Refinery is the second mission of the GDI campaign in Tiberian Dawn.


After the forces of James Solomon had landed in Estonia the Nod forces hid one of their bases including a Tiberium Refinery near Pärnu. As J.C. Carter's forces moved inland the Nod forces suddenly reemerged from the base and retook control of the beaches in the south-west of Estonia that James Solomon had earlier captured. Trapped inside Estonia cut off from supplies or reinforcements his position looked hopeless and Nod forces poured out of the nearby refinery for the killing blow.

However the GDI had carried out a second landing to the north and had already captured Estonia's capital Tallinn. As GDI forces advanced inland James Solomon was given command of a force and ordered to save his old commander J.C. Carter.

The battle

When Solomon took command of the situation, only the barracks were left standing. Solomon commanded the remaining forces to take out attacking Nod troops and protected what remained of the base while he waited for reinforcements. While his troops fended off the Nod assaults, a trio of engineers and an MCV arrived from the east.

Solomon rebuilt the base and organized an assault force. The assault force then proceeded to attack the Nod base, destroying all Nod forces it encountered along in the way. They arrived at the harvesting base and killed the Nod defenders. Solomon then either captured or destroyed the Nod structures, along with the Harvester, eliminating the Nod base from operation. The remaining Nod stragglers, if there were any were then hunted down and eliminated.


The GDI conquers Estonia and moves into Lithuania

By eliminating the Nod base, Solomon crushed the last serious military resistance left in Estonia. The rest of Estonia swiftly came under GDI control leaving GDI free to move into Lithuania. Nod wasn't idle however and they began to conquer parts of Romania and Ukraine.


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