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Kodiak (Orca Command 3A) is a GDI airborne mobile command center.


The Kodiak is an Orca Command Vehicle, a large VTOL craft capable of entering low Earth orbit. It possesses facilities to transport and support troops, including armories and medical bays. It also has a large cargo bay located in the rear section of the ship, with an access ramp located between the aft engines.

The Kodiak is used by Commander Michael McNeil as a field command post and to transport him and his team across the globe. His reliance on the craft almost became his undoing, as during a particularly tough ion storm, it was grounded; a fact Nod used to their advantage. However, McNeil's forces defended the Kodiak against the Nod onslaught and neutralized the Brotherhood forces in the area.

At the beginning of the Firestorm Crisis, Kodiak was assigned to transport the Tacitus from the Nod Pyramid in Cairo in support of Project Daedalus. Chandra commanded the flight. The ship took off from the Pyramid to the GDSS Philadelphia heading north by north-west and into a nascent ion storm.

Kodiak crashed in the northern Egypt on the Mediterranean coast after its starboard engines were destroyed by a lightning strike. The bow section separated on impact. A Firestorm Taskforce team found no survivors but recovered the Tacitus intact from aft section.

For unknown reasons, Michael McNeil was not aboard during the flight.


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The Kodiak model was used in the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica as part of the refugee fleet.

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