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Konstantin Belousov was a scientist and part of the Soviet Union's Terror drone development team.


During the development of the Terror Drone, the designers realized early on that the drone needed some on-board sensory and guidance system capable of locating the weak points in enemy armour within seconds of contact to minimize the exposure to enemy fire. However, the programming of the vast neural networks designed for this task were fiendishly difficult, and the progress on the Terror Drone project stalled until Belousov found a solution.

Belousov, a brilliant young member of the design team, decided to program the neural net through direct interfaces with a human brain, and volunteered himself for the process. The experiment was a success, as the newly-programmed terror drone destroyed vehicles 94% faster than its predecessors, increasing its kill rate and survivability. However, Belousov showed signs of mental illness after interfacing with the drone and fell into dementia.

Belousov was later arrested for attacking passers-by with a cattle prod in the subways. While several commentators wondered out loud whether his behaviour was a result of the neural net experiment, his condition was officially attributed to stress. The Bureau of Robotics has refused to comment on whether later versions of the Terror Drone are still controlled via human interface.[1]


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