Republic of Korea




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The Republic of Korea (Taehan Minguk in Korean) is a democratic nation in East Asia. Korea traces it's founding back to 2333 BC, though it's believed that the Korean peninsula was populated by the ancestors of the Koreans since the neolithic period.


During the early 20th Century, the nation of Korea faced turmoil. Korea was taken over by Japan in 1910, and it wasn't until Japan's defeat in 1945 that Korea gained its independence. In the decade after independence, Korea suffered turmoil in its political system and society in general. However, Korea's economic and political status have improved, it is currently considered a First-World Nation, and has held free and fair elections. It has joined the Allies, being a vital partner in the defense of the Pacific.

The Tiberium Era

As Tiberium spreads around the world, Korea was relatively unscathed. The Korean Peninsula was classified as a Blue Zone, meaning its citizens enjoyed some of the highest standards of living in the world under the protection of GDI. Like other Blue Zones, it was presumably devastated by the Scrin Invasion of Earth.

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