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Land Mines are an upgrade for China. This upgrade spread mines that are versatile to detect and harm infantry and vehicle alike. There are two way to deploy it. First, it is available as an added cover protection upgrade  for most structures. The Speaker Tower is the only Chinese building that can't get land mines. The upgrade cost $500 per structure. If an enemy goes over a mine, the mine detonates, damaging or destroying the unit. The mines do not harm friendly units, unless units standing in the area take splash damage which also detonates the mine. The other deployment method is that if the player is a Rank 3 general or higher, they can go to the general's promotions menu and purchase the Cluster Bomb so they can drop land mines anywhere on the map, This type of deployment is often used to harass enemy movement, or can be applied directly to an enemy, a la light bombardment. The mine deployed in this style cannot be respawned except by another air deployment.

Americian and Chinese Construction dozers can remove enemy land mines. GLA workers can remove mines too. Units bombarding the ground containing a land mine will also detonate the mine, provided that unit does splash damage (such as a toxin stream, any explosive, or by firestorm); a mine cleared in this manner will respawn automatically with no visible cost if the structure it guards remains standing for long enough. The mining is adequately effective against enemies attempting to capture your structures.

China also has an upgrade variant, the Neutron mine, that, instead of fragging the enemy, detonates a light neutron particle inducing device (a miniaturized neutron bomb) that will instantly kill infantry or vehicle mounted personel. This will leave vehicles empty, allowing capture.

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