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Land Mines are static explosive defensive weapons for Chinese factions in Generals.

Game effect[]

Chinese Land Mines, invisible to enemy units, appear to their owner as a field of blinking, glowing lights in the ground. They are available in two varieties:

  • Available as independent upgrades on most structures (barring the Speaker Tower) for $500.
    • These upgrades are permanent, and expended mines will slowly respawn over time as long as the building exists.
    • Shin Fai's Fortified bunker already has Land Mines by default.
    • Buildings with attached land mines can be further upgraded with Neutron mines, which are again purchased individually per building.
  • Land Mines can be deployed by aircraft with the Cluster Bomb general's power upon reaching Rank 3 or higher. They can be dropped anywhere on the map.

Land mines appear to be contact/proximity fused, exploding when enemy units approach them or when hit by splash damage from various units such as a a toxin stream, any explosive, or by firestorm. Friendly units can safely walk or drive over them, but they will still be damaged if the mine is somehow detonated.

Stealth-detecting units and support powers can reveal the presence of land mines. Enemy mines can be disarmed by American and Chinese Construction dozers as well as GLA workers, provided the player has a means of detecting them. These units will still be damaged by mines that they have not been ordered to disarm.

Chinese bases tend to become densely packed with land mines over the course of a game, making them largely unapproachable by land units unless the buildings hosting them are destroyed at range.

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