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Langley Air Force Base was the home of the United States Air Force 1st Fighter Wing and the 480th Intelligence Wing. It also hosts Headquarters, Air Combat Command. The base is named for aviation pioneer Samuel Pierpont Langley, and is located 3 miles north of Hampton, Virginia. GDI later commandeered the airbase when the US as a sovereign nation no longer existed by 2047.

Storyline summary[]

It was another target that came under attack from Nod forces in the opening stages of the Third Tiberium War. The base was captured and badly damaged, with only a small outpost resisting the invasion. However, a young commander came into action just in time to save the situation, allowing Langley to once again provide air support for GDI units on the eastern seaboard.

Areas of interest[]

GDI base: This base has a factory, barracks and a refinery to build infantry, APCs and pitbulls to stage attacks on Nod.

Nod base: This base was well defended against ground attacks and was destroyed by Orcas.

Airfields: There are two of them in which GDI liberated to maintain air superiority against Nod.

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