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For other uses, see Laser fence.

The laser fence is a type of advanced defensive barrier used by the Brotherhood of Nod in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. It first appeared in a cutscene in the original Command & Conquer.


The first registered application of this technology was during the First Tiberium War, when prototypical laser fences were set up around Temples of Nod.

In the Second Tiberium War, the laser fences became an integral part of the defensive systems of Nod bases, but the weakly armoured nodes and massive power requirements of the network were a significant drawback of the technology.

In the Third Tiberium War it was used to protect individual structures.

Game building

Same as with concrete walls, after a single element of a laser fence is placed (a hub), up to 4 section pieces can be built simultaneously from that hub in northwest, northeast, southeast, and southwest directions. Unlike concrete walls, laser fences require power to operate, and can be crossed if the power input is low.


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