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For other uses, see Laser fence.
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Laser Fencing
KW laser fencing.png
A laser fence protecting an operations center
Affiliation CNC3 Nod Logo.png Nod
CNCKW Black Hand Logo.png Black Hand
CNCKW Marked of Kane logo.png Marked of Kane
Cost $500
Requires Operations center
Cooldown 0:15
Abilities Deploys a defensive laser fence around a building. Prevents the structure from being captured and targeted with explosives. Increases structure Armor.

Laser fencing was a type of defensive technology used by the Brotherhood of Nod during the Second Nod Reunification War and the Third Tiberium War.


Like previous iterations of the laser fence, it used a series of laser-projecting pylons to form a defensive barrier. Unlike previous versions, however, this version was designed to protect individual structures, and was deployed in the form of a support power rather than constructed separately. It also did not consume power.

Game effect

Structures protected by laser fencing cannot be captured by engineers or demolished by GDI and Nod commandos, though they also cannot be repaired by friendly engineers. Protected structures become much more resistant to damage. The laser fencing will be destroyed if the structure it protects is critically damaged.

This power cannot be used on power plants and support structures other than the Temple of Nod, and cannot be used on the decoy Temple of Nod. It also cannot be used on the structures of other factions.


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